The World, the Magazine, the Community, the Venue

Excellence Magazine is part of the beyond.luxury platform. An innovative B2B & B2C hub offering a broad spectrum of exclusive goods & services through an integrated communication platform based on the following tools: Digital Platform, e-Shop, Events, Targeted Marketing, Digital & Printed Magazine.
All this provides a constant high level of engagement between all the people involved in the platfom. This project was strongly desired by Luigi Lauro who, over the course of a few years, built an important network of entrepreneurs, managers, artists, designers, stylists, wealthy families and royal families. A space where people of diverse backgrounds with excellence in mind could interact, collaborate, and develop brilliant ideas while at the same time benefiting from the lifestyle these synergies create.

Nicola Sangiorgio
Editor in Chief | Creative Director

With an academic background in Industrial & Graphic Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco California and an upbringing in Monte-Carlo, Nicola has seized the opportunity to follow some of his passions for printmaking, publishing and visual creation by joining the Excellence team and contributing to the further development of an ever evolving platform. Having created works of art, digital visuals, installations out of his own studios in San Francisco, Miami, Berlin and participated in events such as the Berliner Liste and Art Basel Miami Beach, Nicola brings a new creative element to Excellence while understanding the necessities of the platform and contributing to its substantial expansion and artistic communication.

The Magazine

Excellence Magazine was born in 2010 with a specific business model aimed at developing a new editorial line focusing on luxury, lifestyle, innovation by sharing success stories, distinctive ideas, trends and showcasing excellence in all facets of entrepreneurship. The magazine is printed in both English and Italian to address its main demographics. It is distributed in Switzerland, where the company’s headquarters are located, as well as in the major Italian cities, the French Riviera, Monte-Carlo, Doha and Dubai. Created for a high profile readership, Excellence magazine is an effective tool to develop business relationships and reach a selected target of customers, innovators and offers the perfect gateway into the beyond.luxury platform.