An accessorized winter

Accessori FW23

Shoes, bags, jewelry: unique details for the look.

Fashion is not only about clothes: accessories are often the real stars in telling the story of a woman’s personality.
For this winter, designers have come up with a wide range of “objects of desire” that, expertly paired, can really make a difference in enriching a look!

FW23 Accessories

Fundamental, to be trandy, use gloves, important jewelry, the belts and a number of bags and shoes that are “must have” of the season.
From famous brands to lesser-known ones, the choice of accessories is really very wide and able to please different tastes.

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani offers large shoppers covered in sequins, and a shirt collar becomes the necklace on an evening gown; for the Giorgio Armani line, on the other hand, accessories have a sense of lightness: beaded bangs dance on berets, almost as if to design luminous hairstyles, lending allure and mystery.

Giorgio Armani

Fendi, which has always been very attentive to accessories, offers bags designed to be multipurpose; an object that in its form also has a natural movement, where an apparent simplicity actually hides a very complex work. Pure pieces that can be matched to the dress collection but also to every woman’s wardrobe.


Versace is banking on its luxurious side with the “Greca Goddess Top Handle”: the bag ‘s style remains true to the brand’s signature of reworking classic designs to make them current, with attention to structural form and the magnetic appeal of the Greca. Like the entire selection of Versace handbags, the top handle of the Greca Goddess is made in Italy from a choice of fine leathers in a smooth or crocodile-embossed finish.


For Mario Valentino‘s signature footwear, the common thread is a stylized flower represented by a fan-shaped bud found on the models, designed with digital printing. A eulogy to the East, its flowers, its forests and a fascinating nature made of delicate, ethereal images as if to evoke sensory atmospheres.

Mario Valentino accessories
Mario Valentino

Armond transforms the classic mountain boot into a fashionable concept that is also perfect for the city, while maintaining originality in the healthy and durable materials and their craftsmanship. The outer upper and inner lining are made of soft leather, nubuck amphibian and soft calfskin, respectively; the sole, which has the traditional carriage-armored design made of soft rubber, allows you not to get tired while walking.

Armond accessories

Glamorous, young and with a rock flavor are Suèi‘s signature footwear: “only the Unique Shoe Is Irreplaceable”. The layout used for the product is both flexible and efficient, allowing for the realization of innovative ideas through continuous research and experimentation in the field of leather; for example, silver ion lining leather, fish skin, and innovative printing techniques are used for the creations, allowing for perfect and unique imitations such as those of tortoise shell.

Suèi Accessories

Added to this are contemporary fabrics and materials: for example, beech wood soles, plexiglass soles also used for heels, rubber tread. For accessories such as leggings, 100 percent cashmere is used, and natural silk is used for glove linings: new styles and types of accessories designed to offer a unique and sophisticated concept of style and comfort.

Suèi Accessories

Finally, unfailing jewelry: those of De Liguoro are all unique, important pieces, strictly handmade and produced with maniacal attention to every single detail, under the banner of high quality standards and exceptional exclusivity.

De Liguoro Accessories
De Liguoro

Valentino Odorico

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Madama Garden Retreat finalist in the Awards For Excellence 2024

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