Art as a reason for life

Discovering the founder of the “La Bottega dell’Arcimboldo” Art School.

Passion and formal rigour, technique, capability of expression:  these were the subjects taught in the renaissance workshops called botteghe in a perfect blend of the craftsman’s skill and artistic capability.  A master artist, affirmed painter, and author of prestigious commissions, Domenico Mileto has always viewed the art of the Renaissance with great admiration.  And it was precisely from the experience of the botteghe that he drew inspiration when he founded his art school, which has celebrated its 15th year of activity.  “We were born a bottega because we felt the need to pass on the patrimony of knowledge of inestimable value formed by renaissance and neoclassical pictorial techniques”, explains Mileto nonchalantly, referring to a goal that represents a truly cyclopean effort of organisation.  “Our students are tangible evidence:  after frequenting our school, many have transformed their dream into reality and made art their trade.  This school is a way of life and spiritual growth that targets goals forged with pragmatism and rigour, and transcends everyday materialistic logic.  In effect, in a prodigious spiritual-alchemic process, the academic purpose of our bottega is to draw out the latent abilities every human being possesses.  Here lies the enormous value of a school.  We use experimented and organised structural processes to propose them anew in a tested and functional method.  This is indeed what occurred in the old renaissance bottega and what, with profound love and passion, we propose today at our academy”.

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