Letizia Bellitti

Curious by nature and passionate about everything creative. I have been writing for several years, and I have always been interested in fashion and design. Writing about fashion, art and design is the best way for me to share my passion with others.

Upcycled, a sustainable capsule collection by Sophia Webster

L’arrivo del 2020 ha aperto la strada al nuovo decennio, ponendo quesiti ed aspettative sulle prossime tendenze del sistema moda. Cosa lasciamo alle spalle?

Balmain Men’s FW 2020: Olivier Rousteing celebrates his Saharan origins

If guests at the Balmain Men’s Fall Winter 2020 fashion show had not known they were in Paris, they would have certainly suspected that they had ended up somewhere in Sahara

Prada Timecapsule: The January 2020 Drop

Why settle for a start-of-the-season collection, when you can have a different one each month? Luxury in step with the times, but limited in time. Here is the new, intriguing program introduced by Prada, an online project featuring 50 items that will be available to buy for 24 hours only on every first Thursday of the month

LA PRIMA BAG: Giorgio Armani Revamps the Iconic ’90s BAG

How many implications hide behind the word “prima” (“first”)? Apart from a time adverb, the term is also an ordinal adjective defining the highest rank of all – just like in fashion, where the “first line” features a brand’s high-end pieces

Michael Kors Teams Up With Studio 54 On A Capsule Collection

Once upon a time, there was a night club that livened up the New York nightlife. Excesses, freedom and a limitless hedonism, the getaway of a revolutionary generation, witness of the events that marked history in the late ‘70s. It was 1977 when Studio 54 opened. Sex, drug and disco music were ordinary life, and fed young men and women craving for transgression

Vsling: A Bag By Valentino In Collab With Artist Emilio Villalba

A week of pure, concentrated art at an event attracting the major galleries of the world, where the multifaceted languages of different artists met in set-ups, performances and sculptures, and crowds of collectors and professionals from the field gathered. This is Art Basel Miami, the Swiss show that has turned Basel, Miami and Hong Kong in international capitals of contemporary art

Respect Nature: a Sustainable Collection by Timberland

Climate change, circular economy, sustainability and recycling are just some of the words gravitating around our planet’s health, a topic trending in the media, politics and awareness campaigns

Celebrating the Christmas Mood!

It has now become absolutely normal to start feeling the Christmas spirit between late October and early November, when you can already stroll along streets teeming with traditional markets, charming shop windows, and squares adorned with Christmas lights

An Inclusive 2020 Cruise Collection For Dior

A suggestive place named the African Capital of Culture 2020, a melting pot of creatives like writers, photographers and fashion designers: that is Marrakech, the enchanting Moroccan city studded with majestic architecture, palm oases, colors and lights

GIVENCHY’S Downtown Collection: Urban-Style Accessories

Just a few years ago, streetwear was dominating the underground scenes, the preserve of a contemporary culture of outsiders that also involved other fields like art or music. Today, it has grown to be a mainstream style