Maria Mele

Maria Mele
After 39 years working in Sales and Communication for one of the most prominent Insurance Group worldwide, I presently dedicate my time to what I like best: fine arts and literature, passionately looking for the beauty that surrounds me.

The expressions of A.R. Penck, on display at the Mendrisio Museum of Art

On display 40 large-format paintings, 20 sculptures in bronze, cardboard and felt, as well as works on paper and artist's books from private collections

The Gruppo UNA recipe for Italian hospitality

On the occasion of the Rimini Hospitality Day we had the opportunity to interview Fabrizio Gaggio, General Manager of the UNA Group, the largest Italian hotel chain with 46 structures divided into 3 brands UNA Esventure, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY

DEMO Design Emotion Rimini: entrepreneurial intuition and relaunch opportunities for the Hotellerie sector

For us baby boomers Rimini represents a stage of the imaginary journey back in the time of our childhood: who does not remember the family pension with the inevitable lasagna on Sundays, the first evenings in dancing, the piadina with Nutella and the beach radio that broadcast the hits...

Tschoetscherhof: sustainability, luxury and excellence

Sustainability, luxury and excellence: three nouns that we often abuse and that are very fashionable these days, but to which we often do not give a univocal interpretation. What do we really mean by excellence, luxury and sustainability? Especially in the light of the pandemic experience, not yet completely overcome,...

Anna Cominotti, the social artist who lives in a museum

As we walk through the halls of the Museum, Anna Cominotti tells me her story

Antonio Fantin, 5 Medals at the Tokyo Paralympics

I am a very competitive type, but I live the competition above all with myself. I believe I am my greatest opponent and at the same time my greatest ally

Miky: Taste and Passion, 100% Made in Italy

The protagonists of our story are Simonetta and Miky De Fina not yet twenty, in love and with two big dreams: to create a beautiful family and dedicate themselves to catering

Modica Boutique Hotel: the smart luxury you don’t expect

The hotel you do not expect in an area almost of passage! This could sound like the payoff of the Modica Boutique Hotel, the new born of Sicilian hospitality

What Sparks a Passion: the Love of Writing in the Words of Giorgio Lupo, Author of “La Tana del Polpo”

Writing crime is a game between writers and readers. A subtle game, but always fair. Writers have to disseminate their books with clues to be collected at the end, plus false leads to floor readers

A grand comeback for InterContinental: the brand’s latest Rome destination in an exclusive preview for Excellence Magazine

Among all Italian cities, Rome is especially known to be a real style icon, and as such, it cannot but be the ideal destination for top brands that are once again gambling on Italy’s great beauty