Serena Poma

Serena Poma
Da sempre giornalista, amo trasformare ciò che succede nel mondo in frasi e righe che possano accompagnare il lettore “dentro la notizia” e portarlo con me ad esplorare ciò che succede attraverso la lettura di un articolo. Le mie esperienze professionali mi hanno portata a conoscere nello specifico l’unione di due mondi apparentemente inconciliabili: il luxury e l’ecosostenibilità. Accompagnare le aziende in questa direzione ricoprendo il ruolo di responsabile comunicazione ed organizzazione eventi mi ha resa sempre più consapevole che, soprattutto oggi, il rispetto per noi e per le risorse del nostro pianeta sono il punto di partenza per poter creare vero valore.

Top Luxury Cars Will Have Vegan, Sustainable Interiors

Suede, leather, briar root: if until recently these had been the materials turning cars to luxury pieces, the top prestigious automotive brands are now embracing a brand-new luxury concept. Real contemporary luxury perfectly blends premium quality, design and low-impact materials.

New Eco-Luxury Resort Casa di Langa Opens in Spring

The Langhe region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will see the building of a new structure offering 39 accommodation solutions including rooms and suites, fully immersed in the vineyards and expressly designed to offer eco-luxury holiday services.

Award-Winning Sustainable Glasses by Thélios X Stella McCartney

For a few years now, Stella McCartney’s name has been associated with sustainable high fashion. In the past few seasons, the brand embraced a green, sustainable mission, championing the message that luxury and haute couture can reach their beauty and harmony goals even by backing superior quality with a green, sustainable supply chain.

The New Winning Formula for the Holidays? It’s Glamping

The term is a mix of the words “glamour” and “camping”: no tents needed, but splendid, special accommodation solutions that immerse guests into the local nature, pampering them with all comforts

BlackRock: Sustainability is Today’s Safe Investment

Mirjam Staub-Bisang, Head of BlackRock Switzerland, the largest investment firm in the world, has no doubts: without considering sustainability, nothing can work, not even in finance

The Most Expensive Bag in the World? It Costs 6 Million Euros and Has a Green Soul

The handbag is made from semi-shiny reptile leather, painted in bright turquoise through skilled crafting techniques and decorated with ten white gold butterflies, sapphires, tourmalines and the ever-present, highly-valued diamonds

The New Capital of Caviar? Brescia. Luxury Meets Sustainability on the Garda Lake

Christmas is almost here, and even though this year we will not be enjoying the traditional family supper, there is an ingredient that we could never go without during the festive period: caviar

Eco-friendly tycoon Elon Musk and solar roof tiles

Elon Musk, a multi-millionaire, definitely visionary entrepreneur, has been the first to believe that luxury, style and sustainability could coexist and create surprising solutions

The Latest Frontier in Sustainable Luxury? Virtual Fashion

Luxury – especially when it comes to fashion – has its very own world in social media. There are many celebrities, influencers and fashion addicts alike, who purchase items only and exclusively to flaunt them at a single fashionable event, or at a photo shooting to post and share

Miomojo: the New Vegan, Ethical Fabric from Bergamo, Italy

A remarkable example of fashion ethics comes from Momojo, an Italian company that starts from an ethical, responsible approach to hit the market with high-end products having the added value of being totally sustainable