Budapest hosts the Athletics World Championships on 19th-27th, August

Campionati Mondiali Atletica Leggera

For the first time in history a Central European country it’s hosting.

For the first time in the competition’s history, a Central European country is the backdrop for the hopes and dreams of glory of the world’s best athletes in athletic disciplines.

In fact, the World Athletics Championships choose Budapest as the host capital of the major sporting event, taking place from August 19th to 27th at the brand new National Athletics Centre on the banks of the Danube River. There will be 14 competitions, while six others will be organized in downtown Budapest, with the start and finish of the approximately 42-kilometer marathon scheduled for the women on the 26th and the men on the 27th at Heroes’ Square.

National Athletics Centre, with its distinctive interior design and fascinating semi-dome structure, is a distinctive new focal point of the city and, in late August, will unveil to the public the world-class track and nine-lane track, the fastest and most technically advanced in Hungary. After the World Championships, the Danube shore will be accessible to all residents and visitors to Budapest, leaving a tangible legacy and experience for the city to continue after the sports event has concluded.

The national stadium, on the other hand, will not be permanent, which symbolizes the openness of Budapest and the country to an increasingly sustainable future: thanks to urban developments in the area surrounding the competition venue, a new recreational park for outdoor activities will be created.

In the outdoor races, athletes will have the opportunity to traverse the capital’s UNESCO World Heritage sites accompanied by the panoramic view of Buda Castle in the background. The historic district hides real treasures, such as the former home of the kings, the Palace, the National Gallery and the Budapest Museum of History. Andrássy Avenue, the widest street in the country, will also play a starring role during the marathon, when professionals will cross the Opera House, Heroes’ Square, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Kunsthalle.

The 2023 World Athletics Championships become milestone in Central European history and, give with Budapest, a unique stage for athletes and fans.

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