Da Vittorio and Vicook: starred voluntary initiatives at the Bergamo field hospital

Even the Michelin stars like Da Vittorio and Vicook, take the field with an unprecedented voluntary initiative in the management of the kitchens of the field hospital of the Alpini which is being created in a wing of the Bergamo fair and which will create 230 beds.

Lombardy’s Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera confirmed that “in a maximum of 4 days” the hospital will be set up to treat coronavirus patients in the city and province most affected in Italy.

Enrico “Chicco” Cerea, chef with his brother Roberto (“Bobo”) from Da Vittorio, has made his team available to prepare meals to be served to the sick and staff.

The idea was born in 24 hours. One of the country’s chiefs of civil protection is one of my collaborators, he asked me for availability and we gave it, because our kids made themselves available. In two months we will be able to serve almost 60 thousand meals

But the Cerea will not do everything alone. Through social networks, a collection of food necessary for the kitchens to work has been launched to companies, restaurants with stocks at home and to the whole world of food.

We have collected so much that we can feed all of Lombardy. There is such a big heart in our sector

commented the chef.

Da Vittorio and Vicook therefore enter into a voluntary operation initiated by the Alpini and carried out together by the Municipality of Bergamo, the Lombardy Region, the Civil Protection and the health personnel of the hospitals, starting with the Giovanni XXIII ° hospital center, without forgetting the precious collaboration of Chinese doctors. This time the battle is not to conquer or defend a star, this time the battle led by the Alpini is for people’s lives.

Emanuela Zini
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