Expo 2017: e.20 and Excellence fly out to Astana

Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is hosting the international exposition open from the 10th June to the 10th September 2017. Future Energy, the theme selected by the organisers, will touch on topics relating to responsible and efficient energy production and our relationship with the environment, with particular reference to renewable energies.


25 hectares, 100 countries and 6 international organisations will be on display to an audience of 7 million visitors. The Italo-Kazak company, e.20, present in Kazakhstan thanks to its structured trade relations with its partner KazItal-Invest, has presented, on the Expo theme, its expertise gained through the project ExpoFactory devised for Expo Milano 2015.

Thanks to its collaboration with e.20, Excellence will be a media partner at a series of meetings and events at Expo 2017, strengthening the bridge of communication with all those companies wanting to capture the developments of this market, bursting with opportunities linked to the international exposition and beyond.

New trade and public relation opportunities, time for debate between companies running events aimed at building business: know-how and business support will be crucial for generating and developing opportunities for growth and synergies aimed at mutual development.

Excellence of Italy - Astana

The first event with Excellence Magazine is set for the 16th March 2016 in Astana. The gala dinner Excellence of Italy, organised by e.20, will be filled with entertainment, including a Cooking Show organised by the ICIF (Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners).

Companies in the Excellence circuit therefore have at their disposal an outstanding partner in addition to the rich collection provided by the network. Planning, organising and developing innovative and original projects for companies make the word “energy” the foundation for translating ideas into concrete projects. Travelling along an evolving and propositional journey.


Another important opportunity for Excellence Magazine to stand out as an exclusive vehicle for promoting excellence across the world.


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