Gismondi 1754, exclusive concession contract for the Arab Emirates


Gismondi 1754, a historic Genoese manufacturer of high-end jewelery, has signed an exclusive concession contract with a local partner for its creations for the entire territory of the United Arab Emirates.

We had already undertaken, during and after the lockdown, an intense work dedicated to expanding the presence of Gismondi 1754 in strategic areas of the world

stated Massimo Gismondi, CEO of Gismondi 1754.

Since the VicenzaOro experience and then with the participation in the exclusive ‘DJWE-Doha Jewelery Watches exibition’, thanks to the partnership with the Alfardan Group, we had picked up important signals of appreciation for our brand from the Middle East area, that this agreement confirms concretely

The contract commits the new partner, who has contacts with the main Emirati families, to reach a minimum overall purchase value of Gismondi 1754 products equal to 2.3 million euros over 4 years (250 thousand euros in 2020/2021; 450 thousand in 2022; 700 thousand in 2023 and 900 thousand in 2024), under penalty of termination of the contract itself.

The agreement also includes a “first refusal right” clause, which allows Gismondi 1754 to initiate concessions with other local entities, provided that the current concessionaire is offered the opportunity to purchase a new concession to them. conditions.

Founded in Genoa in 1754 by Giovan Battista Gismondi, Gismondi 1754 has reached the generation week today and achieves almost 30% of its turnover with the sale of jewels whose sell-out exceeds 100,000 euros (the average receipt in the directly managed shops of 12,000 euros).

The brand is distributed in direct boutiques in Italy and Switzerland (Genoa, Milan, Portofino and St. Moritz), in franchising in Prague and in department stores in the United States. The brand is also present in the Middle East, inside a department store of the Alfardan luxury group in Doha.

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