INTERNEXCELLENCE is the fruit of the collaboration between Nadia Murabet and Luigi Lauro aimed at meeting the needs of a group of rigorously selected companies and providing a highly competent support in the internationalization process in fast growing and greatly potential areas.

INTERNEXCELLENCE intends to focus its activities starting from the Middle East, in particular the United Arab Emirates, which will play host to the next Universal Exhibition in 2020 (EXPO 2020 DUBAI UAE), following the Milan Expo 2015 (EXPO MILANO 2015).

Milan has also been the venue of the first edition of the Mondo del Lusso International World of Excellence, an event curated and directed by Nadia Murabet that was held in the very heart of Milan which involved 80 exhibitors from a number of Italian regions, which were singled out among the best companies representing Italian excellence in fashion, food & beverage, interior design, automotive, arts and jewelry and beauty.

Dubai 2020 will therefore offer a unique opportunity to ride this momentum of great dynamism and international interest. Thanks to the excellent relationships with local partners and the deep market knowledge gained through a longstanding presence in the region, the INTERNEXCELLENCE platform is a preferential channel to approach a very promising market. An unmissable opportunity for all those who wish to promote their business in elite markets. To this end, next year Dubai will host the first Internexcellence’s Exhibition, with the participation of many Italian brands in various sectors such as: luxury, fashion, interior design, food e hospitality.

Other high-potiential market areas will be China, Russia and North America, all regions where INTERNEXCELLENCE has an important network of local relations to successfully support the development of initiatives.

The companies that will join INTERNEXCELLENCE will also benefit from legal, tax, logistic, marketing and communication support.

Moreover, in terms of marketing and communication, INTEREXCELLENCE will capitalize on  the support and network of Excellence Magazine which, through an integrated  platform based on web and e-shop, printed Magazine and exclusive luxury event will be a strategic asset to stimulate interest of our targeted audience.

INTERNEXCELLENCE will get support also from OzeroKomo magazine for the Russian market.