Stunning scenes and high-tech special effects for a spectacular event on sustainability and future at the Salone del Risparmio

Last Tuesday night, April 2, the impressive atmosphere of Milan’s World Join Center was the theatre of IL NUOVO RESPIRO DELLA FINANZA” (“The new life of finance”), an original, charming evolution of the successful DopoSalone format, back for its 7th edition.

The event was conceived by Giuseppe Riccardi, editor of the Fondi&Sicav magazine, in a renewed collaboration with Emanuela Zini from marketing consulting agency Aleph Advice. This year, the team also welcomed the new crucial addition Antonella Ferrara: as a creator and planner of special events focusing on environmental issues, she has addressed the greatest challenge of our times – finding and promoting virtuous ways for financial companies to join forces in raising awareness of the attention and care our planet needs.


Thanks to its deeply green nature, this collaborative project created a real chemistry between the event partners.

A few steps in were enough for guests to immerse themselves in an ambiance where everything had been conceived not just to be looked at, but to be experienced.

The large box standing at the entrance of the WJC housed the groundbreaking theBreath® technology, able to absorb polluted air and release it back once cleaned and purified.

Made by Anemotech, a 100% Italian company designing solutions aimed at improving the quality of the environment we live in, theBreath® is a revolutionary multi-layered fabric whose core is activated by nanomolecules that can “catch” and disintegrate polluting molecules. It relies on the natural air flow, so no energy source is needed to start or power it  ̶ an environment-friendly technology with endless indoor and outdoor applications.

Edutainment and ethical innovation found a balance in all the aspects of the set-up, which is a must of all events planned by Antonella Ferrara.

Antonella Ferrara e i Monoliti di Apeiron

Marking the boundaries of an unusual virtual wood, twelve three-meter high large wooden monoliths told the story of a circular economy revolving around the extraordinary life of trees. Created by design studio Apeiron, these lit monoliths are masterchiefs made from trees that had already fallen, or were meant to be cut.

Antonella Ferrara, Giuseppe Riccardi, Bruno Combi

They were admired and appreciated by director Milica Zec, author of the short film Tree.

Photographer, director and documentarist Laura Scatena presented her 5 videos unveiling the most fascinating green corners of our planet. Before the over 2,500 guests’ eyes, a touching soundtrack introduced shoots of nature and the environment taken by a drone  ̶ a technique that allowed Scatena to explore extraordinary, otherwise inaccessible places.

Truly moving features, in a perceivably clearer air.


As media partner of the event, Excellence Magazine: the new luxury trendsetter, offered its printed edition to participants in DopoSalone2019, and invited the gala dinner guests to taste Excellence Black.Caviar, a premium, made-in-Italy caviar. Sturgeons are bred inside the natural park of river Tormo, whose spring drinkable water is key to their well-being, as well as a constant care, the respect of their natural growth needs, and carefully selected feed.


Many other prestigious, innovative brands took part in the event. OIR Barber Shop’s barbers offered guests beard and hair treatments inspired by its Be Smart: make time for yourself philosophy.

Oir Barber Shop

The Milan-based concept store Urban Mobility shared green messages with its electric bicycles and push scooters, showing its commitment to a more ecological urban mobility.

That’s Good, a catering business now taking its first steps in Milan, set up a food market where guests had a chance to taste and fall in love with excellent Italian local products, as well as a careful selection of wines.

that’s good

A leader in independent financial information, Fondi&Sicav was once again able to involve 18 partners and over 2,500 guests in this 7th edition of DopoSalone. This year’s event, titled “Il nuovo respiro della finanza”, was all about the need to act on a daily basis to put into effect the change processes involving the finance world too.


Social responsibility, circular economy, and virtuous choices to make and share. These keywords will be the starting point for the future missions awaiting all protagonists of DopoSalone2019.

Emanuela Zini
My professional life has been marked by several big changes that made me grow as a person and as a leader, develop new skills and mental flexibility, which in turn allows me to face challenges from a different, unique perspective. To me, writing represent a way to communicate with myself and with others. Telling stories and engaging my readers are the challenges that I am currently facing within a wider editorial project.

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