Pininfarina, Italian design for the new Helbiz scooters


From today Pininfarina will no longer be just the symbol of Made in Italy excellence for cars. Times are changing and the need to take care of the environment and move towards the ecological transaction is driving the new electric mobility market.

Italy, a country of design excellence, is adapting to the times and Pininfarina, known all over the world for sports cars, designs electric scooters.

One of the urban micro-mobility operators, Helbiz, has in fact just concluded an agreement with Pininfarina and with MT Distribution, a company in the Emilian Motor Valley specializing in urban electric mobility, for the development of a new range of vehicles with a “coordinated design” and customizable “.

monopattino Helbiz Pininfarina

The project will not be limited to Italy, but will also involve Helbiz’s business in other European countries and the United States, and will be applied to the entire fleet, including e-bikes and e-scooters.

The first phase will see a focus on scooters used for sharing, followed by those intended for consumer sales, following the expansion of Helbiz’s business, which will tend to integrate sharing with direct sales.

“It is about creating a“ family feeling ”of design making all the vehicles unique and immediately recognizable”, is explained in a note.

The new, latest generation vehicle will be designed (in Italy) by Pininfarina, engineered (in Italy) by MT Distribution and distributed on the market by Helbiz, which operates in 30 cities around the world and within the year will be the first micro company. – listed on the stock exchange, on the Nasdaq in New York.

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