Cannes Festival

Festival di Cannes
Model: Elisa Oynus, photo © Mondadori Portfolio by Gettyimages – Rocco Spaziani

Italian Haute Couture at Paolo Sorrentino’s premiere.

At the Cannes Festival the best of Made in Italy‘s know-how come together to create a haute couture dress for the red carpet. Designed by Tuscan stylist Eleonora Lastrucci in collaboration with Fashion Project Manager Silvia Franzoni, who conceived the project, with the participation of Beste and Rilievi, part of HModa Group.

The haute couture dress is a model with a refined, feminine and elegant soul, enriched by embroidery on the bustier featuring the hand application of hundreds of crystals, a touching luminous stitch, made by Rilievi. It is produced in 100% Made in Italy ITACO organic cotton, provided by the textile company Beste. The project involves the regeneration of abandoned cultivation fields in southern Italy.

This dress represents the synergy between two corporate entities, Beste and Rilievi Group, part of the Italian HModa group, where manufacturing and craftsmanship converge, embodying the core principles in the creation of excellent Made in Italy garments.

Cannes Festival
Model: Elisa Oynus, photo © Mondadori Portfolio by Gettyimages – Rocco Spaziani

Eleonora Lastrucci

Eleonora Lastrucci is a haute couture designer and costume designer for theater and cinema. A graduate of the Florence School of Art, she has collaborated with prestigious fashion houses, and for many years has taken part in the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Rome Film Fest, dressing celebrities from the world of cinema and television. Her creations are renowned for their craftsmanship and unique design, and she is proud to promote Made in Italy worldwide.

Eleonora Lastrucci’s awards and recognitions:
2018 : “Meravigliosamente donne in Ant” award
2018 : Prato Film Festival Award
2018 : Wella Professional Award
2021 : Semplicemente Donna Award
2021 : Medaglia Aurata Accademica award for fashion design
2021: Honorary title of Honorary Academician
2022: “Oscar de la mode” award
2023: “Profilo Donna” international award
2023: Special mention at the Festival Internazionale Terra di Siena
2023: “Monica Vitti” award for fashion in cinema


Founded in 2017, HModa is the Made in Italy luxury hub, which brings together 17 virtuous companies that represent the excellence of Italian manufacturing in fashion, to ensure their sustainability over time and accelerate their growth path with a medium – to long – term entrepreneurial perspective.

Rilievi Group

Founded in 1991, Rilievi took its first steps in the world of fashion by participating in ambitious projects signed by the most emblematic designers of the 90s. From Gianfranco Ferrè to Giorgio Armani, from Gianni Versace to Prada, the young women of “Rilievi” have succeeded in giving shape to revolutionary ideas.

It is in the intersection of tradition and innovation that Rilievi renews its creative DNA and guides the tradition of embroidery into the contemporary world. In their hands, embroidery is elevated to a true art form, as their unique interpretations have been paraded for over thirty years on catwalks and red carpets the world over.

Cannes Festival
Model: Elisa Oynus, photo © Mondadori Portfolio by Gettyimages – Rocco Spaziani

Beste Spa

Beste Spa – Società Benefit is a textile industry specialized in the production of fabrics and garments. Founded in 1992, it is now divided into three divisions: yarns, fabric, garment and Beredo, a new project to recover and reintegrate waste materials into products destined for a new life. Beste promotes an ethical approach to the entire production process, from flock to finished garment, in a completely traceable and transparent production and supply chain.

Beste is committed to a number of CSR projects: programs to prevent work-related income situations, the use of industrial generators to reduce CO2 emissions, water treatment for re-importing, energy supplied 100% by renewable sources, innovative products, natural-dyed products, PFC-free and economically viable for local non-profit associations. Another important value is the centrality of each employee, and today Beste has 285 collaborators working in the various headquarters, laboratories and workshops in Tuscany.

Silvia Franzoni

Silvia Franzoni is a Project Manager and Consultant who manages projects related to menswear, womenswear and children’s collections. With over 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry, Silvia is also a professional stylist and design team leader, as well as collection manager for haute couture, bridal, lifestyle and sportswear.


Silvia Nair
Silvia Nair

Silvia Nair

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Packaging Première & PCD Milan 2024
Packaging Premiere & PCD Milan

Packaging Première & PCD Milan 2024

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