Jewelry and Luxury: the New Mission Is Sustainability

Jewelry and Luxury: the New Mission Is Sustainability

Cristiano Ronaldo and the passion for cars!

A great sports champion with a boundless passion for cars: sporty, powerful, eye-catching or that in any case do not go unnoticed

Dancing with Roberto Bolle

Excellence Magazine interviews Roberto Bolle, the first dancer in the world to become an étoile of The Teatro alla Scala in Milan and a principal dancer of the american ballet theater in New York at the same time

The New Winning Formula for the Holidays? It’s Glamping

The term is a mix of the words “glamour” and “camping”: no tents needed, but splendid, special accommodation solutions that immerse guests into the local nature, pampering them with all comforts

The New Capital of Caviar? Brescia. Luxury Meets Sustainability on the Garda Lake

Christmas is almost here, and even though this year we will not be enjoying the traditional family supper, there is an ingredient that we could never go without during the festive period: caviar

The 7 Most Expensive Perfumes

The luxury perfume category is as saturated as it is diverse. You have your celebrity perfumes and your fragrances created by fashion designers, clothing brands, and beauty moguls. Ranging from a limited edition, to commercially bought, expensive perfumes are well worth the spend

Feng Shui, the precious advice of Paola Neglia of Living Naturally, to live better

Nature is sending us a clear message, we are going too fast! TAO teaches us that the answer to excessive speed is slowness, so we need to take a break! TAO teaches us to go with the flow, be flexible and always look for balance

Tom Claeren, A New Style Artistic Director

Tom Claeren established himself in the jewel of the French Riviera, Monte Carlo. Passionate about photography and driven by excellence and perfectionism in everything he does, Tom has become synonymous with high level content creation, photo shooting and film production with a global audience. It’s no surprise that Tom was nicknamed “Monaco’s Face of Luxury” by Forbes in 2019

Pantone 2021: intense yellow and gray, strength and positivity!

The Pantone 2021 color, or rather the colors, was announced yesterday... because Pantone has chosen the solid and warm but at the same time warm and optimistic couple "Illuminating" and "Ultimate Gray"

LAMBORGHINI: With Italy, For Italy. 21 Looks for a New Guide

LAMBORGHINI: With Italy, for Italy. 21 looks for a new guide Returning value to Italy, enhancing its ethos, beauty, uniqueness, excellence through photographic art