The scents of the ImperialSPA, a corner of Thailand in the heart of Milan

ImperialSPA is a very welcoming and spacious space, where hospitality and cordiality are the protagonists

ImperialSpa, a corner of Thailand in Milan

Wellness rituals, treatments and massages from the ancient Thai tradition, in a place to discover and cherish

Bodyfriend opens the First Flagship Store in Italy

The first Italian flagship store of Bodyfriend, the world's leading Korean deluxe healthcare brand, opened in Milan in Via Manzoni, in one of the most famous streets in the city, the heart of fashion and lifestyle

Davide Campagna: cooking or fitness, what passion came first?

Davide Campagna, a professional dentist from Bologna, Italy, started sharing his passion for healthy food and fitness on social media, and soon became a web star: his blog counts over 7 thousand contacts per month, and his Instagram page soon reached more than 200 thousand followers

Take a Break for a Wellbeing Weekend

Overdue some time out? You don’t have to travel to India for a meditation retreat – there are plenty of opportunities for uninterrupted zen here in the UK. From luxury farmhouse getaways to walking weekends in Devon, these are the best meditation retreats in the UK

Splendide Lifestyle Spa, a holistic approach to wellbeing

Con l'apertura e l'aggiunta di questa Spa all'avanguardia, l'Hotel Splendide Royal unisce la maestosità del Palazzo del 19° secolo con uno spazio contemporaneo dedicato al benessere, trasformandosi in un Resort Urbano svizzero-mediterraneo

Luxury Christmas GIFTS & GYM

If you have not yet found the last Christmas presents, why not think of the fragrances of excellence of the "Septimontium" Collections (Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquilinus, Palatinus, Quirinalis and Viminalis) and "Sorrente Nostalgie" (L'Orange and La Mer ), created by the fashion designer Mauro Lorenzi.

Nano-technologies in new reconstructive surgery

Professor Stefano Zanasi is a Surgeon specialized in Orthopedics with a particular interest in minimally invasive primary and reconstructive prosthetic surgery, in revision surgery with the use of nano- and bio-technology and advanced systems (robotics, navigation) and in surgery and regenerative medicine using stem cells processed from bone marrow and adipose tissue. Professor Zanasi is the...

Aromatherapy at The View SPA

THE VIEW Lugano…a world of its own! “Add life to your years, not years to your life ” dōTERRA takes its name from latin meaning “Gift of the Earth” and it was developed as a new and powerful alternative to well being based on the traditional uses of essential oils....

The Merchant of Venice SPA

The Merchant of Venice SPA: The Brand's first SPA opens at the exclusive San Clemente Palace Kempinski of Venice. The Merchant of Venice, the brand of artistic perfumery closely related to Venice and its history, opens its first SPA inside the exclusive Venetian resort, San Clemente Palace Kempinski. The resort,...