R Collection, fine details

R Collection, the Italian hotel group that is increasingly establishing itself in the panorama of prestigious hospitality

Sustainable hotels: three luxury hotels committed to protecting the environment

The true definition of sustainability to follow is: “satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own”

San Ginesio one of the villages awarded by the World Tourism Organization

A nice milestone for the Macerata village, located close to the Umbrian-Marche Apennines

The House of Gucci, Villa Balbiano can be rented thanks to Airbnb

Villa Balbiano has recently returned to the fore thanks to the film House of Gucci, directed by Ridley Scott with Lady Gaga as the protagonist, scheduled in Italian cinemas from December 16, as the home of the patriarch Aldo Gucci

The Enrico Bartolini restaurant at Mudec admitted to Les Grandes Tables du Monde

The Enrico Bartolini restaurant at Mudec makes its entrance among “Les Grandes Tables du Monde”, the prestigious and exclusive partnership which since 1954 has brought together the most important restaurants on four continents

Small Luxury Hotels of the World and the new green luxury hotels

The lucky travelers who want to enjoy the extra luxury hospitality guaranteed by Small Luxury Hotels in the World with its Considerate Collection will be spoiled for choice: there are in fact 26 hotels to choose from

The Gruppo UNA recipe for Italian hospitality

On the occasion of the Rimini Hospitality Day we had the opportunity to interview Fabrizio Gaggio, General Manager of the UNA Group, the largest Italian hotel chain with 46 structures divided into 3 brands UNA Esventure, UNAHOTELS and UNAWAY

The Future Is Now: Quality and Sustainability Rule at BREATHE 

BREATHE became the winner in the category of The Best Luxury Restaurant in Marbella, Spain

Malta and sustainable luxury: the new tourism trend

Great success for Malta. The summer season that has just passed has in fact seen the small archipelago as one of the most sought-after and appreciated tourist destinations. The high number of visitors and the increasingly accentuated tendency to find travel solutions that combine the luxury experience with that of full...

Tschoetscherhof: sustainability, luxury and excellence

Sustainability, luxury and excellence: three nouns that we often abuse and that are very fashionable these days, but to which we often do not give a univocal interpretation. What do we really mean by excellence, luxury and sustainability? Especially in the light of the pandemic experience, not yet completely overcome,...