Excellence Magazine n. 29

We have covered ample ground this year – nevertheless, we keep exploring new ways to sustain our rhythm in preparation of the exhilarating events to come

Excellence Magazine Vol. 28

Luxury – what is it exactly? Is it palpable and can it be quantified? Or is it simply a moment stuck in time, an adventure beyond your comfort zone and the experience of rediscovering lost senses?

Excellence Magazine Vol. 27

In the spirit of the ground previously covered the time has come for us to innovate furthermore, seize the day and build on the work previously and meticulously set forth.

Excellence Magazine Luxury n. 26

This issue is dedicated to the great change underway, nothing is as before thanks also to a new attention to the environment, an essential element and absolute priority for every activity, in all sectors

Excellence Magazine Luxury GREEN

Excellence Magazine Luxury Green is our editorial contribution to raise awareness and encourage our readers, who are already very interested in this subject, inviting them to act quickly and to be part of this great movement that will save the planet from danger and deliver a better world to future generations

Excellence Green Night Awards

Everything is ready for the second edition of the Excellence Green Night Awards, an award recognized for excellence that has distinguished itself for the protection and care of the environment based on the Kelony Risk Rating Index. The event that will take place tomorrow evening in the beautiful rooms of the Splendide...

Excellence Fine Art, the new Art Magazine

The editorial platform of Excellence Magazine Luxury is enriched with a new Excellence Fine Art project, which offers an overview of the world of art using different levers of promotion and value creation

Excellence Magazine Luxury N. 23

The 23rd issue of our Magazine opens the new year with a cover that we especially love and that we have strongly wanted. We have dedicated it to Roberto Bolle – it seems almost limiting to call him a dancer...his life is constantly evolving, always searching for excellence: a modern fairy tale that combines art, beauty, determination, commitment and passion into a true masterpiece

To never forget. A letter from the future

I am writing from the future, like Lucio Dalla did in L’anno che verrà, to recall what it used to be....

Excellence Magazine Luxury N. 22

Ten years ago, Excellence Magazine was born with the goal of ​​creating a sophisticated and exclusive communication medium to bring together, under one roof, people with common interests and needs. This was the principle on which we based the development of our project, which now takes on different forms,...