The Cartoon District: an Open Air Museum in Milan, Un muro che Unisce!

In this way, Milan wishes to celebrate the Italian cartoon tradition, and the Milanese one in particular, by adding to the appeal of a district that had been considered as a run-down, unwelcoming neighborhood until a few months ago

Dismantling the Silence: Miart new visual 2021 campaign

Dismantling the Silence, dismantling the silence: Miart chooses to start from poetry, closely intertwined with the history of art

House68, the pavilion house by Design Collective Architects

The house is the private residence of a very large family who explicitly asked for a home with well separated and distinct areas

La ragione nelle mani – The reason in the hands

The exhibition La ragione nelle mani – The reason in the hands, created by Stefano Boccalini with the collaboration of four artisans from Valle Camonica, will be inaugurated on 31st March in Geneva, at Maison Tavel Musée d’Art e d’Histoire

The New Collection Automobili Lamborghini by Zambaiti Parati

The collaboration between Zambaiti Parati, creator of Italian high-end wallcoverings and Italian super sports car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini, has produced a new collection of wallcoverings and decorative panels

A Sense of Home by FM Architettura

Each of our original designs is the result of a unique creative process that begins with exploring the client’s personality, integrating their ideas and discovering their specific passion and lifestyle. Individuality and aspirations are the basis of every project. The FM studio ethos is ‘I am my home’

Color Trends 2021: starting with technology

The palette that paints 2021 is an enveloping rainbow of warm and deep colors, very far from the shades that had characterized 2020 where cold and strong tones were the masters, representing a society in search of balance

Alexander Belyaev, a tale through color

Belyaev Art Gallery opens to the public in Via Montebello 30 in Milan, inaugurating its exhibition activity with a monographic project dedicated to the Russian artist Alexander Belyaev

COUCH-19, Tobia Zanotti realizes a pouf with the used masks

"COUCH-19" recalls the aesthetics of an iceberg: one of the most iconic symbols when it comes to global warming

Le Signore dell’Arte. Storie di donne tra ‘500 e ‘600 the new exposition at Palazzo Reale in Milan

From 2 March to 25 July 2021 the rooms of Palazzo Reale in Milan will host a unique exhibition dedicated to the greatest artists who lived between the 16th and 17th centuries: Artemisia Gentileschi, Sofonisba Anguissola, Lavinia Fontana, Elisabetta Sirani, Fede Galizia, Giovanna Garzoni e and many others