A Unique Approach to Luxury Interior Design in Saudi Arabia from Art Deco Design

The expert designers at Art Deco Design cleverly use these Art Deco influences while also incorporating the best of modern design

Mojo Design Studio – Passionate Designers Creating Interior Masterpieces

This design and concept of concentric circles are used to link all the spaces within the particular apartment, and the half-wall design and glass sliding doors are used to open up the vision of the space

The Art Interior Design – Providing Stylish Inspirational Design in Marbella, Spain 

The company prides itself on its sustainable approach. To protect the environment, it introduces more eco-friendly natural materials like wood, bamboo and stone into its projects

L’atelier Fantasia – In Pursuit of Life’s Aesthetics

The company’s list of services includes space planning, design drawing, engineering integration, color planning, home furnishing procurement, fragrance design and curation

kiklos architects – Bringing Elegance and Simplicity to the Heart of Luxury Architecture

A special differentiation in the work of kiklos architects is the studio’s ability to develop a project from pre-concept to minor finishing details

The ‘Design Days’ of Ahmedabad 2024 in India. The Future of Luxury Design

The event will be curated by architect Hiren Patel, director of HPA, famous for luxury projects such as the Floated Concrete House, The Amoeba Office and The Village House, which embody timeless quality and a connection with nature

Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya – Interior Design That Dreams Are Made Of

L'esclusivo studio di interior design si trova in Russia ed è stato fondato da Marina Putilovskaya.

Hotel Regeneration – Hybrid Restaurant – Milano Design Week

An event characterized by the dynamic succession of conventions, conferences, content and cultural happenings, performances of international caliber, designed to create links between people, encourage encounters, stimulate dialogue between professionals to do business

TILES (R) EVOLUTION: the Dream of Walking on Clouds Becomes Reality

A strange collection, a new point of view, an important challenge, an innovative language.

Blend Furniture awarded in the category of Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware in Egypt

Blend Furniture’s stated aim is to create the perfect blend of furniture for each home with world-class design and quality standards, with original, minimalistic contemporary design