Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya – Interior Design That Dreams Are Made Of

L'esclusivo studio di interior design si trova in Russia ed è stato fondato da Marina Putilovskaya.

Hotel Regeneration – Hybrid Restaurant – Milano Design Week

An event characterized by the dynamic succession of conventions, conferences, content and cultural happenings, performances of international caliber, designed to create links between people, encourage encounters, stimulate dialogue between professionals to do business

TILES (R) EVOLUTION: the Dream of Walking on Clouds Becomes Reality

A strange collection, a new point of view, an important challenge, an innovative language.

Blend Furniture awarded in the category of Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware in Egypt

Blend Furniture’s stated aim is to create the perfect blend of furniture for each home with world-class design and quality standards, with original, minimalistic contemporary design

K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd. – Creating Beautiful Spaces for Luxury Living 

The projects of K.R.Decorate Co., Ltd. have won various professional awards

Private Portraits of Living, an architectural magic to be experienced

There are many references to the history of architecture to show the process followed by the different projects, but with a single thread: the common search for beauty

Benetti Home: the emotion of Italian Design

Benetti Moss is a veritable vertical garden, eco-sustainable, zero maintenance, easy to install. Soft and malleable, Benetti Moss is used to create writings, company logos, decorations and furnishing accessories

Statement Pieces for Inspired Contemporary Living from Satu Heikkila Art

Satu Heikkila takes her inspiration from the brilliant colours of her native country, known as the land of a thousand lakes

Karl Lagerfeld and Sustainable Luxury Villas

First architectural project for the style icon Karl Lagerfeld

DEMO Design Emotion Rimini: entrepreneurial intuition and relaunch opportunities for the Hotellerie sector

For us baby boomers Rimini represents a stage of the imaginary journey back in the time of our childhood: who does not remember the family pension with the inevitable lasagna on Sundays, the first evenings in dancing, the piadina with Nutella and the beach radio that broadcast the hits...