A Tribute to Pierre Cardin: Furniture Like Sculptures To Dress Up Your Home

During the 2017 Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Carla Sozzani art gallery held the exhibition “Pierre Cardin, Les Sculptures Utilitaires”, which introduced the world to the ambitious project that the designer had started back in 1970 and that is still under development today.

Artalenta: Making Architecture Tell Stories

"Unity in Diversity" is the national motto of Indonesia. But beyond that, the profound idea of balance between wholeness and difference lies at the core of the working principle of the architecture & planning company Artalenta

Playscraper the skyscraper dedicated to tennis

Playscraper, the latest project by architect Carlo Ratti, founder of the Carlo Ratti Associati studio, and Italo Rota, founder of the studio of the same name, is a skyscraper just over 90 meters high which is literally composed of 8 tennis courts, positioned one on the other

Marta González Architects: Emotive Architecture at the heart of the Spanish capital

Nestled in the heart of the Spanish capital lies an award-winning architectural practice that prides itself on defining modern interior and exterior design

The new trend in interior design? It’s sustainability

As is well known, decorating in style does not always come easy. For those turning to the biggest interior design brands, the latest trend has been the same for all: aesthetics rhyming with ethics

Serena Luxury Mosaic at the Venice Glass Week 2020

Selected for the "The Venice Glass Week Hub" group exhibition at the Glass Week 2020, Michelangelo Serena exhibited his own "Aureo" suspension lamp

Milan Design City

From September 28th to October 10th, the Lombard capital will once again be the protagonist with Milano Design City, a program, organized by together with the Municipality of Milan, which will involve 90 locations and will see the return of the fuorisalone liv

Relax Inside This Over-The-Top Modern Bathroom Design

We are giving you a full detailed tour inside of this modern bathroom, excited? The stakes are really high but we’re certain to meet your expectations! A modern bathroom where luxury and the most amazing art furniture reigns, merged for an outstanding result

Mediterranean Décor House, A Memorable Creation By Pepe Leal

For Pepe Leal, interior design is all about “the solution” to a space, and how you choose to solve it, is exactly what distinguishes different decorators

Jin Gui Restaurant in Hamburg: A Modern Design by Joyce Wang

From unique hotels to modern restaurants, Joyce Wang creates breathtaking and wonderful spaces that teleport all the design-lovers to a different time period, or to a peaceful oasis