Associazione DcomeDesign presents: Sono Tazza di Te!

The event exhibits over 80 cups signed by as many women designers - designers, artisans, artists, architects and more - in a word "craftsmen", masters in the use of the most diverse materials

Luxury and design meet under the banner of Zen sustainability

The Mariani Design and More studio has recently signed another important project in which luxury and sustainability meet

Hortensia: 30,000 petals for an armchair

Hortensia designed by Andrés Reisinger for Moooi

Creating Your Personalised Luxury Space with Melanie Interiors Design 

Melanie Treffers' signature style comes from her passion for contemporary fashion, sophisticated design, and outdoor lifestyle. All of this has been a rich source of inspiration for her to create her unique interior design style, which blends the classic with the modern, creating the unique home atmosphere that Melanie Interior Design's clients

House68, the pavilion house by Design Collective Architects

The house is the private residence of a very large family who explicitly asked for a home with well separated and distinct areas

A Sense of Home by FM Architettura

Each of our original designs is the result of a unique creative process that begins with exploring the client’s personality, integrating their ideas and discovering their specific passion and lifestyle. Individuality and aspirations are the basis of every project. The FM studio ethos is ‘I am my home’

Color Trends 2021: starting with technology

The palette that paints 2021 is an enveloping rainbow of warm and deep colors, very far from the shades that had characterized 2020 where cold and strong tones were the masters, representing a society in search of balance

COUCH-19, Tobia Zanotti realizes a pouf with the used masks

"COUCH-19" recalls the aesthetics of an iceberg: one of the most iconic symbols when it comes to global warming

From concept to fruition, modularity provides a solution for the luxury residential sector

Located in Spain, the inHAUS team provide a unique service for new build homes that are created in their design studios before being shipped to discerning homeowners around the world

Designing Buildings That Stand Out — Wolf Reicht Architects

Some buildings are created to be practical, others — to please the eye, but only a few can shape a community’s character, form its identity and become a true landmark for both residents and tourists. This is exactly the story with works from Wolf Reicht Architects, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Austria