Luxury & Sustainability

Vestiaire Collective stop al fast fashion

A decision closely connected to his commitment to reduce fashion waste over the next three years

Volvo: the new luxury SUV and the search for sustainable materials

In the field of automotive luxury, new paradigms are being imposed: no more performance, horsepower and acceleration but recharging and sustainability, no longer ostentatious luxury but management of values ​​and research into materials

Is there a sustainable tannery? Yes and it is in Friuli

The new luxury green is the predominant trend of the market and the choices of many stylists and creative directors are oriented towards the almost complete elimination of raw materials considered very polluting

Ibiza: sustainable luxury villas

Unforgettable sunsets, wild nature, traditions and great romance: this is Ibiza enhanced by the new eco-sustainable creations

Bentley opens its largest European showroom

A little great attention to sustainability could not be missing: such a modern building is in fact immersed in large green spaces and particular areas reserved for bees, which produce the particular Bentley Hamburg honey

Astypalea: the first sustainable island is born

The goal is only one: to transform Astypalea into "a model island for zero climate impact mobility"

Venice is preparing to become the Home of Sustainable High Fashion

The importance of this new awareness of the world of fashion has led one of the most glamorous cities in the world, Venice, to be the background of the first international summit completely focused on sustainable high fashion

Rolls Royce: GoodWood, the plant that combines luxury and sustainability

To make this new course concrete, Rolls Royce has created GoodWood, a real excellence in integration with the environment

Milan: with Musa towards the city of sustainable luxury

The Lombard capital wants to be the protagonist of an urban transition that makes it a real model for national and European cities