Luxury & Sustainability

The new trend of luxury fashion? Vegan shoes

The most attentive consumers are also willing to spend more on a pair of vegan or cruelty free shoes than a leather sandal or one of dubious origin

Ethical and sustainable purchase: when can it be affirmed?

According to a study by The Guardian magazine, 49% of respondents decide to discard used clothes without asking themselves the problem of reusing or recycling them in a conscious way

Prada and Unesco for Kindergarten of the Lagoon for the Sea Beyond project

Kindergarten of the Lagoon - Asylum of the Lagoon: this is the name of the new program of the Prada Group which aims to raise the awareness of children on the issues of sustainability and ocean preservation

The new frontier of green luxury? The trip to the Poles with the hybrid ship

Marketed by Gioco Viaggi, it is a hybrid icebreaker, specifically designed for exploration of the Poles

Aston Martin and the Green Turning Point

2039: this is the deadline to get Aston Martin to become carbon neutral in the entire production chain

Sustainable luxury: Italy is on the podium with Gucci

The real spearhead of the ranking, the greatest pride for Made in Italy goes to the luxury sector with the podium conquered by the Florentine maison Gucci

Fendi and the bio-fabrics laboratory for luxury

A new perspective, a careful look at luxury and design but above all with an eye to environmental sustainability

EALA: Sustainable Architecture lives on Garda Lake

A project in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, where there is a synergistic communication between luxury and nature

4sustainability, the Brand that Certifies the Sustainability of Luxury

From words to deeds: this is the mission of 4sustainability, the system and brand that certifies the sustainability performance of the fashion & luxury chain founded by Francesca Rulli

Sustainability passes through Lampoo

The novelty of sustainable luxury comes from the smartphone: it's called Lampoo and it's a platform that sells second-hand luxury items online.