The I.C.E. ST. MORITZ 2022

In an enchanting setting such as the frozen lake of St. Moritz, surrounded by the Swiss Alps, the best of classic motoring was celebrated. With these premises, it could only be a great success with top-level cars, world-famous collectors and historical motoring figures and an exceptional audience participation

Project by photographer: Anna Dobrovolskaya – Mints

Photographer Anna Dobrovolskaya-Mints confronts this phenomenon in her provocative study, ‘Somewhere to Swim’. By eliminating people from her photographs, her unnerving images tell the story of a life once lived, but quickly forgotten

Katja Loher the Architect of Dreams

With my art work I create multi-sensorial spaces that stimulate dreams, awareness, imagination and humor and reveal new perspectives that inspire the viewer to find solutions from a different view point

Monti di Cademario Winery

For fifty years, the Monti di Cademario winery has been contributing to building the prestigious reputation of Ticino when it comes to excellent wines and respect for the territory and the environment.

Masseria San Domenico

A family history that comes to life in marvelous Puglia, among centuries-old olive trees, golden beaches, and the warm breeze of a unique and unforgettable land

OLG luxury logistics

Founded with the aim of assisting high fashion and jewelry customers when it comes to the logistics of interior design and visual merchandising, OLG has also become a logistics hub based in Switzerland for the storage, restoration, study, and exhibition of works of art and fine wines, but also jewels and watches

Sandra Debbas Atelier

Sandra is a third-generation architect and professor. who earned the opportunities to pursue her advanced studies at Harvard and the AA School in the UK.

Forsthofgut Nature Hotel

Surrounded by meadows and forests on the slopes of the Asitz mountains, the Forsthofgut Nature Hotel in Leogang, Austria welcomes its guests in an idyllic natural setting. Founded in 1617, the hotel has always been family-owned: under the far-sighted management of the Schmuck family, it has become one of the most prestigious Nature Hotels in Austria.

Elite Rent-a-Car

Over 30 years of experience, and a tailor made approach

Gold – Eternal charm

Gold, as precious as it is mysterious, has been a part of human history for at least 7,000 years. In fact, the first findings of jewelry and coin artifacts in Mesopotamia date back to 4,600 BC, proving the material and symbolic value that, at the time, was already attributed to the yellow metal.