The secret garden of Villa Gamberaia

Villa Gamberaia, on the top of Florence and the Arno valley is a little Eden

Sladmore Gallery London

Leading dealer in sculpture and objects for over 50 years, the Sladmore Gallery has its origins in a private collection of nineteenth century bronze animal sculpture, assembled by the Horswell family in the 1960’s at Sladmore Farm in Buckinghamshire, alongside their exotic bird and animal Park

The legacy of Manuel Carbonell

The legacy of Manuel Carbonell, whose life spans from 1918 to 2011, is now being continued by his nephew, Ricardo J. Gonzalez III, based in Miami, Florida. Gonzalez worked side by side with Carbonell for over 30 years, bringing his artwork to the forefront on many continents around the world...

Stefano Bressani, the tailor of art

Stefano Bressani, Maestro and creator of his own artistic technique, has taken his works to dozens of places all around the world. From American private collections to installations at the Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort, Bressani’s Dressed Sculptures (known as “sculture vestite” in Italian) are full of sophisticated uniqueness and overwhelm the viewers with a triumph of colors.

Silvia Levenson, Glass, the unspeakable space of memory

There is a clash in the essence of glass, between shape and transparency, between what is visible and what can only be sensed. Silvia Levenson gives shape to the glass, and uses it as a magnifying lens to look closely at another clash, the one happening in families and in our society. A fragility that balances the violence of history and the freedom of the future.

Emotions in a blur

Whether he works on a fashion shoot, prepares a portrait or composes a still life, Paolo Roversi creates images that can discover a mystery, shape it and bring it to light. His photos have many souls but, first of all, they appear as flashes of an illogical and unbelievable...

Rinaldo Invernizzi, collecting sacred beauty

How did your vocation for collecting come into being?? My passion for art dates back to many years ago, even before my studies at the Brera Academy in Milan, which further fueled it. I love being immersed in beauty and, as I have always done, as soon as I had...

Antonello Paladino, tribute to Lucio Dalla

Antonello Paladino, a 41-year-old artist from Sala Consilina, in the Italian region of Campania, has lived under the two towers that symbolize Bologna since 1999. A student of Mauro Mazzali’s at the Academy, he has Calder, Melotti, Manzù and Klee as his role models, and works in the endless...

The painting of Stefano Pizzi

Interview with Painter Stefano Pizzi, who leads the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in a deputy headmaster and is now on its Board of Directors, besides teaching painting and taking care of the Academy’s public relations and communication.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, regenerating society through art

Michelangelo Pistoletto tells us about Il Terzo Paradiso, currently his main artistic focus.