Milano Gallery Weekend

Paris Gallery Weekend: is starting the 7th edition

Paris Gallery Weekend, scheduled from 2 to 5 July, wants more than ever to relaunch the cultural and artistic life of the city. After a total blockade lasting more than two months, the galleries are once again the protagonists. For four days, in four areas of the capital, including Pantin and Romainville, part of a new district in Grand Paris, visitors will be able to discover more than 72 exhibitions, including 47 solo and 25 group exhibitions.

Art galleries can overcome crises with flexibility, adaptability, planning and listening. Take a value designer’s word for it.

Daniela è una value designer con oltre 15 anni di esperienza come consulente professionale in strategie di comunicazione e gestione delle relazioni con gli stakeholder. Nel 2018 ha fondato, uno studio di consulenza strategica con sede a Milano

Lauro Venturi: anarchist at heart, and a liberal in spirit

Lauro Venturi, who defines himself as an “anarchist at heart, and a liberal in spirit”, is a manager and a coach specialized in Medium-sized Enterprises and Associations. He is currently the CEO of a leading global firm designing and producing irrigation technologies. Alongside his ordinary business as a manager, he has also driven the company to a significant generational turnover. This is why he is rethinking his own firm’s business model by teaming up with qualified, motivated young professionals on a challenging educational and coaching program.

Milano Gallery Weekend: not another “Week” or “City”

Milano Gallery Weekend, which first took part in the project in 2019, with over sixty participating galleries already. This year, the event is taking place over the weekend from October 30 to November 1

Milano Gallery Weekend: Anna d’Ambrosio AMY d ARTE SPAZIO

We’ve been in the business since 2010. Via the economART platform, we create interdisciplinary projects of contemporary art, science, design and economics. With an exhibiting space of 330 square meters and a garden of 60, our gallery is strategically located in the Brera District, just a few steps from the Brera Academy and other galleries like Repetto Kaufmann, Cardi Gallery and Galleria Milano.

Milano Gallery Weekend: a successful first edition in Milan

One of the messages that Milano Gallery Weekend intended to spread is that galleries are businesses: they invest, generate revenues, put skills in place, do research, take part in trade shows, and internationalize

Milano Gallery Weekend: Podbielski Contemporary

Could you briefly tell us about your gallery and work? The gallery opened in Berlin in 2011, in the Mitte district, and then moved to Milan in 2018, to new premises located in via Vincenzo Monti, just a few steps from Piazzale Cadorna. Ever since its first projects, the gallery’s...

Milano Gallery Weekend: Après-coup Arte Gallery

Could you briefly tell us about your gallery and work? The Après-coup Arte Gallery was opened in Milan in October 2017 by David Ponzecchi and looks at art by Italian and foreign emerging artists. By “emerging”, we mean artists who consistently devote themselves to research and have created original poetics,...

Milano Gallery Weekend: Tommaso Calabro Gallery

Could you briefly tell us about your gallery and work? Our gallery was established in Milan in September 2008 by Tommaso Calabro, who founded it after several experiences abroad, like directing London’s Nahmad Projects art gallery. Both in terms of exhibitions and market, right now we are mainly interested in...

Milano Gallery Weekend: Avanguardia Antiquaria Gallery

Avanguardia Antiquaria researches time: our gallery and exhibiting space in Milan host artworks, antiques, modern and design pieces from the 20th century. The gallery was founded in 2005 with the intention of gathering objects coming from different places and times. In this space, Stefano Vitali carries on his continuous research of antiques and design pieces from the 20th century, while deeply dedicating to contemporary art with periodical personal and collective exhibitions. This ongoing dialogue between a narrative of the past and contemporary artistic research is the leitmotif that shaped the oxymoron “Avanguardia Antiquaria" (“Antique Avant-Garde”).