Anna Cominotti, the social artist who lives in a museum

As we walk through the halls of the Museum, Anna Cominotti tells me her story

Antonio Fantin, 5 Medals at the Tokyo Paralympics

I am a very competitive type, but I live the competition above all with myself. I believe I am my greatest opponent and at the same time my greatest ally

Italian excellences: Anita Lo Mastro interview Riccardo Maria Monti and Carlo Carganico

Italian excellences: Anita Lo Mastro interview Riccardo Maria Monti and Carlo Carganico

Isabella Zuccoli presents her book “I detenuti e il Covid 19″

We met Dr. Zuccoli who has just published a small book entitled "I detenuti e il Covid 19" -Prisoners and Covid 19-, in which she tells how this complex moment was experienced

What Sparks a Passion: the Love of Writing in the Words of Giorgio Lupo, Author of “La Tana del Polpo”

Writing crime is a game between writers and readers. A subtle game, but always fair. Writers have to disseminate their books with clues to be collected at the end, plus false leads to floor readers

Alessandra Gabrielli: let’s re-plan our future

At the moment, I see many adults worrying – about their job, about their health, about their children, about their own parents. Troubled adults are the most complicated cases, especially for the children or teenagers in their care

Thoughts, laughter, dreams, deepness and lightness in Lucia Scuderi’s work

Only now can I comprehend how I have been nurturing this passion since I was a child

Andrea Vitullo: the Incredible Strength of Vulnerability

Vulnerability can become a real power, it can turn into courage and help us make do magic by deeply connecting to one another

Sevengrams: For Coffee Lovers Only

Oggi parliamo di caffè, la bevanda più bevuta al mondo - dopo l'acqua - e una delle materie prime più commercializzate e scambiate dopo il petrolio. Parliamo di un prodotto adulto, quotato nelle Borse di NY e di Londra che fa parte del quotidiano di ciascuno di no

Excellence Magazine interviews Francesca Isgrò

I pursued this dream until I managed to see it come true by graduating in Law, at the University of Messina and with the oath, after passing the state exam, for the qualification to practice