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AF Duomo by Contract District Group

Innovation in residential luxury hospitality.

Contract District Group, with the launch of the family contract division, has now extended its know-how and expertise to the residential luxury hospitality sector, confirming the constant search for excellence and the proposal of innovative and unique services that characterize the essence of the group’s new development projects initiated in the last 20 months.

Contract District Group is venturing into a new segment, enhancing it with specialized services and exclusive residential projects tailored for a demanding clientele who loves design and prefers the secluded allure offered in fully furnished apartments instead of the traditional hotel accommodations.

After Dhome, which offers eight precious suites located facing the Duomo within the prestigious Galleria Pattari building, S. Ambrogio and Foro Bonaparte Living with respectively 21 and 10 residential units in two strategic areas such as the Sforza Castle and Magenta, Central Tower, with a collection of 15 units specifically designed for luxurious short-term rentals, a new important case history is now added with the project: “AF Duomo”. It consists of four exclusive suites designed by AF Progress Srl, a company of the AF Ferrari group, located on the first floor of the historic Carminati building, directly facing the Duomo. For this project, Contract District Group curated the interior design.

For this CDG project, the following partners have been selected: Lema for wardrobes, furniture, and accessories, Karol for bathroom furniture, Cesana for shower enclosures, Gessi for sanitary ware and faucets, Listone Giordano for wooden floors, Lualdi for doors and modular panels, Florim for ceramic coatings, Resstende for high sun protection curtains.

In a location of excellence, Contract District Group and its partners have embarked on a prestigious project spanning a total area of 1.800 sq. m., of which 500 sq. m. have been renovated. The building, constructed in 1867 and protected by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage and constitutes, serves as the scenic backdrop to Milan’s two most central and iconic squares, situated between the Duomo and the medieval Piazza dei Mercanti.

AF Duomo will offer a unique and exceptional accommodation for luxury clientele arriving from all over the world, both business and leisure travelers. The guests will be attentively cared for and indulged with a range of luxury services, including concierge, on-demand cleaning and breakfast services, high-level private wine cellar, dining, babysitting, personal shopper, dog sitting, and much more.

AF Duomo will not be the last of this series of projects: a new project is already underway in front of the Sforza Castle. This new development will feature 60 units, each highlighting design craftsmanship as its distinctive hallmark.

“Entering the luxury hospitality sector is an important step for us to extend our know-how and our constant pursuit of excellence and innovation beyond the design sector,” comments Lorenzo Pascucci, Founder and CEO of Contract District Group. “Our extensive experience, and the collaboration with exclusive Made in Italy brands, will enhance properties that will elevate the luxury tourism sector, which is extremely important not only for the city of Milan but beyond. It is a challenge that we proudly embrace, starting with Dhome, Foro Bonaparte Living, Central Tower and now also with AF Duomo, both projects synonymous with excellence and exclusivity.”

AF Duomo di Contract District Group

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