Bovet by Pininfarina Ottantasei Tourbillon: a new Limited Edition

The platinum Ottantasei (“Eighty-six”) tourbillon is the latest piece created thanks to the collaboration between Bovet and Pininfarina, which began ten years ago.

Two years later, in 2010, the brand officially presented Ottanta (“Eighty”): the collaboration between the Fleurier watchmakers and the Italian designers was so successful that Pascal Raffy – owner of Bovet – and Paolo Pininfarina decided to develop it further, creating a watch collection.

Bovet by Pininfarina Ottantasei’s manufacturing process pays the same level of attention to each of the three main elements responsible for the mechanical movement: energy, the representation of time, and the regulating organ, which, in this case, is a patented double-face tourbillon.

bovet pinifarina ottantasei platino edition bovet pinifarina ottantasei platino edition bovet pinifarina ottantasei platino edition

The end result is a stunning piece with great style. Bovet, as we can clearly see in the Amàdeo line, carefully refines both the case and the movement, which is decorated in 3D.

In order to maintain the transparency of the sides, obtained thanks to the original sapphire glasses that surround the carrure, the engineers and the Maison have designed a 44 mm case with “smart” curves, which significantly reduces the thickness of the watch.

The technical characteristics of this tourbillon created in collaboration with Pininfarina are truly remarkable.

The Ottantasei tourbillon, a true work of art from any point of view, has a power reserve of over 10 days. The design is carefully planned to hide its delicate mechanical elements.

The presence of a spherical differential gear reduces the time required to charge the watch without increasing the torsion of the charging mechanism. All these mechanisms are protected by three international patents.

The functions of the new Pininfarina Ottantasei – power reserve, hours and minutes – are visible on two separate blue rings with a satin finish. The rest of the mechanics is visible.

This platinum watch is a limited edition, counting only eighty six pieces covered by a five year international guarantee.

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