Celine launches the Haute Parfumerie fragrances and opens its first perfume-only boutique


With an unexpected strategy, Hedi Slimane prepares to launch his Haute Parfumerie collection, a line of Paris-inspired fragrances set to debut this weekend in Celine’s first all-perfume boutique.

Inspired by his love for Paris, Slimane created a personal journal where to capture all his feelings for the French capital, and used these ideas as the basis to create unisex scents with three different noses. Lovers of the brand will have a chance to try them on this Saturday, when Celine’s perfume boutique will open at 390 rue Saint-Honoré – right next to Christian Dior’s, Slimane’s “alma mater”.

The outcome is a range of 11 “dusty” fragrances belonging to what Slimane defines as “the tradition of the couturier parfumeur, with every fragrance designed to blur the lines between masculine and feminine notes.

Bearing names like “Dans Paris”, “La Peau Nue”, “Reptile” and “Nightclubbing”, the perfumes will initially be released at the brand’s new boutique, as well as its three other Paris shops and its New York flagship store on Madison Avenue. For half the month, they will available for purchase in Celine’s stores in Europe and Japan; by the end of November, they will also be available on the brand’s e-commerce platform.

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The fragrances are not sold under any license agreement, but independently launched by Celine with the support of the LVMH group, owner of the label.

Hedi Slimane intended to created a real dialogue with every nose, and every perfume reflects different facets of his bond with Paris. The fragrances include six scents for the day and six for the night.

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