Chanel high jewellery collection takes inspiration from Venice


The new 70 Chanel piece collection takes inspiration from Venice’s architecture its lagoon islands, canals, and the lion that is present in the city’s most famous location!

The Floating City was a favorite destination of Gabriel Chanel, and the new Chanel high jewellery collection can take us to this romantic destination.

Constellation Astrale

The luxury necklace, Constellation Astrale has inspired by the mosaic on the facade of the Basilica San Marco. It is composed of shards of bright blue lapiz lazuli, yellow sapphire stars, and white diamond accents in order to recreate a starry night sky.


When Chanel’s jewellery head Patrice Leguéreau went to Venice in 2018 to start studying the Escale à Venise high jewellery collection, he would have been far to know of what the world would be like when the collection actually launched in January 2021. Pre-pandemic, the Venice Patrice Leguéreau saw was a charmed and sun-kissed city.

The four chapters of Chanel’s collection are La Sérénissime, one of the city’s nicknames, is inspired by the incredible architecture, mosaics, palaces, and churches in geometric pieces studded with colorful stones.

Isole della Laguna looks to the islands that dot the lagoon, including Murano, which is famed for its glasswork.

The Camelia is interpreted in mosaics, gorgeous colors, or in rock crystal with yellow gold, an homage to Murano glass.


Spirito di Venezia showcases the city’s iconic winged lion, a bronze sculpture in Piazza San Marco, an important symbol to Chanel as well.

chanel Escale a Venise BAGUE LION SECRET

The most incredible pieces reside in the Constellation Astrale chapter of the Spirito di Venezia set, a huge necklace, bracelet, sweeping earrings, and a cocktail ring.


Featuring one-of-a-kind pieces, that highlight a galaxy of stars on an inky blue sky and the famed winged lion on a mosaic sky that features on St Mark’s Basilica, it expresses Chanel’s love for Venice.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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