Damiani handmade in Italy since 1924



Elegant and seductive, the Eden jewellery collection was inspired by Damiani’s Eden bracelet, winner of a Diamond International Award, known as the “Oscars of Jewellery”. A masterpiece of Italian jewellery making, the collection is defined by the shape of a snake, a symbol which has always seduced man’s imagination, unleashing an evocative force. Rings, earrings and bracelets come to life in new, different variations, all notable for their exceptional modern design. Within the collection are two sub-sets: one in black ceramic and rose gold, the other uniting the different shades of gold (white, burnished and rose) with on-tone diamonds, in perfect Damiani style. The rose gold and black ceramic ring, with two or three bands, embodies contemporary style and up-to-date, seductive design. Two diamonds, one on each side of the end of the ring, transform into the eyes of the serpent. The spiral of pavé-set diamonds on the white gold ring which wraps once, twice, even three or four times around the finger is more classic in its aesthetics, conferring extreme femininity to its wearer. A rock-chic interpretation, on the other hand, characterises the burnished gold model with black, grey and white diamonds to create extraordinary shading that is reflected in the bands as they wind two or four times around the finger. Dazzling and romantic, the two or three twist version in rose gold and brown diamonds is elegant and timeless, perfect for the modern woman with vintage flair. These creations, with unmistakeable, modern, on-trend Damiani style, unite the perfect fit (thanks to the pieces’ adaptable, elastic consistency) with unique design. The sinuous, naturally smooth spiral of the serpent elegantly twists around the finger, making it comfortable to wear and bringing a soft aesthetic to this precious collection.


An iconic Damiani collection, evoking the colourful milieus of the Belle Epoque and the shimmering euphoria of a historic era straddling two centuries, with Paris at the beating heart of changes in society and the way we dress and act. It was the society of the World Expo, the Moulin Rouge and the can-can, of moustache holders, the very first automobiles, of La Belle Otero, Monet and Gauguin, of Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse, newspapers, the cinema and the Orient Express. A tribute to the world of film, which took its first steps at the time, the Belle Epoque collection reinterprets the characteristic geometric motif of a filmstrip, introducing decisive chromatic contrast between diamonds and precious stones, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Belle Epoque parures evoke sophisticated women of character, offering surprising effects and bringing a new kind of femininity to jewellery with classic style.




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