Daniel Wellington launches the new Classic Petite Bondi Black Collection

Design and citations of the 80s meet in the new collection of Classic Petite Bondi Black watches by Daniel Wellington, the brand of timepieces that interprets the coolest trends, mixing classic and contemporary, daring and grace, simplicity and glamour spirit. This is how four minimalist watches with a black dial, perfectly round and ultra-thin, mounted on a white leather strap: the clear contrast between the absolute whiteness and the black intensity recalls the graphics of street art, the combinations of urban style and the look of certain rock groups, re-proposing their stylistic strength in a contemporary way.

Black is an invitation to live the depth of the night, white is a hymn to feminine purity. In the meeting between these two alternations the essence of every contemporary woman is revealed: independent and hyper-feminine, enterprising and sensitive. The aesthetic spirit that animated the roaring years is back in vogue more than ever in this new collection and the mechanism of great precision once again tells the engineering perfection of the timepieces signed Daniel Wellington.

Available in two sizes, from 28 and 32 mm, the new watches of Daniel Wellington are declined in the version with silver case for those who choose an informal style and in the contemporary vintage with rose gold details. Classic Petite Bondi Black watches can be worn with ease on any occasion and become a strong sign of their style. They gently adapt to the wrist, revealing with energy and personality a rediscovered feminine pride. Daniel Wellington reconfirms himself as interpreter of his time, to offer a unique style experience both on glamor occasions and in everyday life.

Result of a lucky meeting between the Swedish entrepreneur Filip Tysander and the British gentleman Daniel Wellington, the brand represents the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation.


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