Dior and his Decorators: the new book for the Dior fan

Are you a fan of luxury brand Dior? If you are, then you must buy Dior and his Decorators”, a top book that gives you a nice perspective on the work of the brand’s amazing interior designers.

This book is, without a question, a must-read for all the design lovers community! Besides showing us the fundamental concept of the work of each of these two designers, this incredible book also tells us the history behind their different styles and philosophies. 

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This unique design book tells the story of how three individuals revolutionized the 1940s by changing the French classicism and the way of life in Paris. I’m talking about the incredible Christian Dior, Victor Grandpierre and George Geoffrey. In the book, the storyteller, Maureen Footer,  was able to explain the work of the trio while also showcasing vintage photographs that help illustrate their journey, and helps you understand better. 

While I traced the maturation of American style in George Stacey and the Creation of American Chic, this book takes a look at its equivalent in post-war Paris.

And what a wonderful four years of research it was: constant back and forths to Paris, delving into libraries obscure and famous, interviews with duchesses and designers, Pierre Berge and Pierre Cardin, archives at Dior, and wonderful friends made along the way.

Tiger silk velvet, tulle, and gilt will never be the same again for me, and I hope you will get caught  in its magic, too.

Dior is one of the most popular luxury brands in the world since they enter Haute Couture world in 1947. The interior designers, Grandpierre and Geffory, brought to the world a new aesthetic perspective, where they combine refined traditions of the past with the elegant trends of the contemporary days. 

According to Maureen Footer, in the design book, the two interior designers explain that “design had to respond to how we live … Not to mention that it should be beautiful, glamorous, and sensuous, too”. Did you know that the first couture house of this luxury brand was created Grandpierre? He was able to create the elegant and restrained look of the salons as well as the template for the Dior brand


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