DSG Road To Dubai: Italian excellences at DUBAI Expo 2020

DSG Road to Dubai, style, research, sustainability and innovation are the keywords that accompany the Marche brand at DUBAI Expo 2020

At DUBAI EXPO 2020 the week dedicated to the Marche will open from 20 February, one of the Italian regions where creativity, craftsmanship, design and research contribute to generating excellence that make up the entrepreneurial fabric of the production districts dedicated to fashion, footwear and which in general represent the “know-how” is appreciated all over the world.


Among the companies called to represent the brands in Dubai is Moodis, a reality created by two sisters, Claudia and Eleonora Streppa, who, thanks to more than twenty years of experience in one of the most important American fashion houses, have given life, in 2018, to DSG, their entrepreneurial project aimed at Millennials and Generation Z.

Style and Chic details

DSG offers a style that ranges between urban and couture, which finds inspiration in color, which thinks of shape as freedom, which uses bold, refined and chic details, which create outfits capable of transforming themselves and adapting to different occasions.



DSG likes to call itself “image creator” an image that is always different, accurate and absolutely uncommon that allows the wearer to always be himself.

The Collection

The collections range from outerwear, to sophisticated sweatshirts combined with fabric trousers and comfortable tracksuits that focus on the combination of fashion and comfort, to T-shirts produced in organic cotton up to accessories such as sneakers, boots and bags produced with a new completely biobased leather that complete the outfits and enhance the glamorous style that characterizes the brand.

All rigorously produced in Italy, with the accuracy that comes from a long tradition of craftsmanship associated with the creativity, style and innovation that characterize the history of one of the best known and most important districts in our country.

The opportunity to be part of a group of companies selected by the Marche Region makes us proud

says Claudia Streppa, co-founder of DSG together with her sister Eleonora

Our commitment to the creation of this new Capsule Collection has been strongly supported by the energy that our “Road to Dubai” project has transmitted to us

Dubai, and in particular EXPO 2020, constitute an excellent stage to make ourselves known and to present our idea of ​​fashion in which the dress becomes a communication tool as well as well-being, a means to take care of oneself and of environment

A smile: the iconic element of the brand

DSG has chosen a “smile” as an iconic element of the brand, a logo that wants to emphasize the fresh and witty aspect of its style, to communicate freedom, versatility and originality as well as quality, progress and attention to people and the environment.


It is precisely the issues related to sustainability and innovation that constitute one of the cornerstones through which DSG intends to position itself.

Innovation and Sustainability

The choice of bio-based materials, above all for the development of the leather goods and footwear line, the ability to minimize production waste and the participation in material recycling initiatives, allow the Marche brand to carry out projects that transform the raw material in second raw material, activating circular economy models.


It is also important to pay attention to the subsequent stages of processing

says Eleonora Streppa

Our territory is known all over the world for the quality of the paper produced by the Fabriano paper mill. We have developed a special production, with the Milani paper mill to produce tags. They are completely biodegradable, derive from the scraps of fabric processing, and are embellished with small seeds inserted into the processing mixture, which allow you to “sow” the tags to see small plants grow

The Marche Region, together with the Chamber of Commerce, will bring to EXPO the project “The Marche in Dubai: Land of Excellence” which will feature various exponents of the region’s industrial and productive realities.


DSG Wear your glamorous comfort!

We bring the new Capsule Collection to Dubai

Eleonora Streppa concludes,

which will be presented on February 23, in the splendid setting of the Four Season Hotel DIFC

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