Eleonora Lastrucci: A Golden Leaf Ball in Prato

Enchantment. Real enchantment in observing ‘my’ Prato. In this climate unfortunately marked by “Covid 19”, where each of us, however, has implemented their own ‘resilience’ by finding resources and incentives in the continuation of their activities

This is how Eleonora Lastrucci, stylist from Prato expresses herself in this climate of lock-down where amazement was taken with a start in this city full of masterpieces, a veritable treasure trove of art.

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This time I really ‘played’ at home – she says – away from my usual business trips, focusing more on my internal artisan tailoring, also turning my eye upwards, towards the wonderful vision of this artistic panorama, precious as a diamond, glistening like gold.

Sneaking like a cat, I stopped in front of Palazzo Pretorio, a splendid museum, where you can admire the work of Donatello, Filippo and Filippino Lippi and other masters.

excellence magazine lastrucci

I turn around, and continue towards Via Ser Lapo Mazzei, in front of the distinguished medieval Mercantile Palace, and again, more and more taken by such majesty and beauty, I am fascinated by the Convent of San Domenico whose Renaissance cloister, graced by the sinuous ionic columns, makes me a victim of Sthendal Syndrome.

excellence magazine lastrucci

And therefore proud of being from Prato, of that blinding purity that I breathe in the early morning, I take my step at the suggestive Red Room of Palazzo Comunale, seat of the Mayor.

excellence magazine lastrucci

And here I think and think again. To these jewels, to the preciousness we breathe, asking myself: “What is more precious than gold?”

How to pay homage to those who gave me birth capable of making me so proud?

Very simple, to create a ‘Capsule collection’ in collaboration with the company “Giusto Manetti Battiloro Spa” whose make-up and wig of the models is based entirely on this extremely ductile and malleable metal, with a real “Look-Gold” effect.

excellence magazine lastrucci

For my part, in these historic houses mentioned above, I will parade sequins and silk fabrics ‘georgette’ with ‘tulle’, and the beloved – not only on my part – lace, complete with gold dust sprinkled with design in leaf, in my creations of good tailoring.

Hint of nobility, of palaces, of podestà but also of face powder and perfumes alongside the Teatro alla Scala Martina Arduino étoile, present on this spring day.

excellence magazine lastrucci

To finish, in extreme grace… can I say it? I have relied on “Cornier 1757” jewels whose work makes use of precious artistic expressions, Hair Style by Frank Giacone and make – up by Ana Matanovic.

Photo credit Andrea Varani

Art Director Romeo Conte


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