Eleonora Lastrucci received the “Entrepreneurship for the social” Award

The charm of fabrics, even more than clothes, has always been well engraved in my DNA

from this memory begins the story proposed by the stylist Eleonora Lastrucci.

As a little girl, when my father returned from his long travels all over the world, I secretly ran mischievous touching textures and fabrics, understanding that my dream would be to make tailor-made garments in an artisanal way because every woman is different

Below we report the narration of her story, a story written by the Tuscan designer that introduces us to her world.

My fairytale, created thanks to my mentor Enrico Coveri, from Prato like me and unfortunately as we know deceased, and Roberto Cavalli, also a high creative master, both extremely rigorous in simplicity and stylistic cleanliness.

the rest comes later, with touch, taste and a curl of eccentricity, reaffirming the concept that elegance is to take away, not add.

The dress is the last thing, as the protagonists are gestures and bearing, at that point even a rag on him is enough and the style appears.

I am regularly hosted at prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Montecarlo, Rome, United Arab Emirates.

Great VIPs are my clients and, with great pleasure, I appreciate that in these meetings more and more space is given to social issues, helping the most needy, as observed at Polimoda in Florence and Istituto Marangoni in Milan, given that the solidarity economy, to nationally and internationally, it can face increasingly pressing and complex global challenges.

Each of us is aware of the high rate of pollution caused by the textile industry, with huge CO2 emissions and harmful chemicals, therefore it seemed right to me to think about the circular economy.

The giants of fashion and the sector, selling low-cost products in the stores, often with very poor goods, have enjoyed a very strong increase in production, followed however by unsold stocks. Inventories then burned causing more pollution. It is therefore necessary to opt for the good quality of fabrics and accessories, it then means reusing the product in innovative forms such as the arts of recycling, given that the ‘good’ lends itself to many uses and, thanks to reuse we do good to the planet and therefore to ourselves.

Fashion, art, culture, commitment and volunteering, in my opinion, converge in a unicum as strong as a nylon thread, capable of combining good tailoring projects with the sensitivity of bringing help to the poorest nations since their workers such as in Africa, Latin America, Arab countries etc., they are definitely noteworthy. Basically a way to allow them to work honestly trying to lift them from poverty, exploitation, prostitution.

Projects in which I believe blindly and which, thanks to operators in the sector I am in contact with, will find good cause.

Eleonora Lastrucci received the “Entrepreneurship for the social” award thanks to her commitment together with Stefano Ricci’s Antico Setificio Fiorentino in creating the ‘Florentia’ dress, emblem of rebirth, a tricolor garment full of silky roses made specifically as an to the Covid 19 pandemic.

An invitation to our beautiful nation to rise again

concludes the designer who is active in voluntary projects on issues also linked to femicide to restore dignity to victims of violence.

reported, reported immediately at the first slap, at the first abuse

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