Eleonora Lastrucci, Red Carpet what a passion !!

Eleonora Lastrucci, high fashion designer from Prato, an all-Italian elegance that brings the tradition of high fashion, the refinement and precision of Made in Italy on the most important Red Carpet, dressing the most important characters of the world with her exclusive creations cinematic landscape.

After Venice and the recently concluded Rome Film Festival, Eleonora and her creations were featured on the El Gouna Red Carpet, one of the most prestigious film festivals in the Middle East, which takes place in the Egyptian town on the shores of the Red Sea, at which every year internationally renowned actors participate.

Eleonora Lastrucci El Gouna Film Festival
Ieva Lykos
Photo by AMMAR ABD RABBO/El Gouna Film Festival/AFP for Getty Images

The Italian designer has created three dresses for the eclectic Ieva Lykos: actress, director and screenwriter, as well as an all-Italian adopted documentary maker who recently won the Best Actress in Drama award at the New York Film Festival and the American Pictures Golden Awards for the role played in the feature film “The Final code”, directed by her husband, director Carlo Fusco.

Eleonora Lastrucci El Gouna Film Festival
Ieva Lykos Carlo Fusco and Sherif Mandour

Italian couture, Eleonora Lastrucci, brings excellence to Egypt and stands out. Despite the health crisis we are facing, the prestigious Egyptian Film Festival El Gouna has not given up its showcase, and the curtain has risen on the fourth edition, following in the footsteps of the Venice Film Festival.

Eleonora Lastrucci - El Gouna Film Festival
Ieva Lykos
Photo by AMMAR ABD RABBO/El Gouna Film Festival/AFP for Getty Images

It is also essential at this moment to promote cinema through festivals and with them everything around it. Continuing to hold Film Festivals means keeping culture, innovation high, letting ideas and above all beauty spin, but also interacting with the news that bring us cultures that are even distant from us. It means bringing all-Italian excellence, style and elegance to the world. As a true Tuscan I was born and raised in this perspective of beauty and culture, and this is what I want to continue to carry on with my work. Otherwise making clothes, it would be just dressing a woman, in any dress, and I don’t want that. The show must continue and the cinema must continue to make us dream and give us the strength to always be present through our skills and aspirations, to grow, to be part of the show itself, to make us bearers of beauty, elegance and timeless refinement

declares Eleonora Lastrucci.

For the Egyptian Red Carpet, Eleonora dressed Ieva Lykos, invited to the Festival as a VIP and created three high fashion dresses exclusively for the screenings of the competing films: “The Furnace”, directed by Roderick Mackay; “Listen”, directed by Anna Rocha de Sousa; “Quo Vadis, Aida”, directed by Jasmila Zbanic, and winner of the Festival.

El Gouna Film Festival
Ieva Lykos – Boshra Rozza

Not only the rigorously Italian mastery on the El Gouna Red Carpet, Eleonora conveys a personality that shines through in the use of fabrics, in the refinement of detail, a genius that manages to direct attention and highlight the places and the moment in which the dress is worn.

Ieva Lykos - Eleonora Lastrucci El Gouna Film Festival
Ieva Lykos – Eleonora Lastrucci El Gouna Film Festival

Always important awards for the high fashion designer from Prato, sought after for her creations by internationally renowned actresses, models and artists; invited to both prestigious national and international Red Carpets that concern not only cinema, but also art, entertainment and culture; she is often asked to communicate in high school.

Eleonora has received many awards during her career such as the academic title of Merit received in Rome, for example.

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