ESSĒN and the new sustainable luxury sandals


The famous luxury brand ESSĒN has recently launched its new sandals, Strappy Sandal.

The colors of the range are white, black and almond, all essential and elegant.

The material is LWG-certified fine leather.

The elegance of ESSĒN essentiality

The new Strappy sandals have been designed to be sober and iconic, offering timeless elegance.

Comfortable and precious, the silhouette of these new objects of desire for fashion victims from all over the world has been created to be perfect both in the office and during the most glamorous evenings.

The sandal of the luxurious brand was created to give momentum to the leg and wrap the foot with elegance and lightness.

The leather is LWG certified.

This is the Leather Working Group protocol, which works to improve the environmental impact of each production chain that deals with leather, making it sustainable.

ESSĒN: the history of the brand

Marre Muijs founded ESSĒN in 2016.

The purpose of this brand, which immediately established itself in the fashion world, has always been to propose a new message to fashion.

For years the brands that have walked the most prestigious catwalks in the world have been symbols of a productive world full of waste.

Careless production, compulsive buying and buying more than you can consume are the trends that Essen has been fighting since its founding.

Precisely for this reason ESSĒN has chosen resistant leather sandals, essential and designed to last a long time.

Marre’s aspiration is precisely to simplify women’s wardrobes, helping them to consider what they really need and to responsibly eliminate the superfluous.

The name of this brand says it all and perfectly embodies the vision pursued with tenacity by Marre Muijs.

The essential is the only thing that must be sought, even in luxury and in the most exclusive fashion.

Serena Poma
Serena Poma
A journalist ever since, I love turning the world's events into sentences and lines that can take readers "inside the news", leading them to explore the current happenings with me through my articles. My professional background has allowed me to gain insights into the encounter of two apparently incompatible worlds: luxury and sustainability. Guiding businesses in this direction as a communication manager and event organizer has made me aware that, now more than ever, it is by respecting ourselves and our planet's resources that we should start to create real value.

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