Galanthea Ball

Glorious gatherings states the website, and glorious gatherings is the unique concept behind all events – from corporate meetings to gala dinners – organised by high-end event planners Galanthea (
Every element that goes into a Galanthea event is as essential as every musician in an orchestra, a detail contributing towards a harmonious whole. The event venue is the stave hosting the notes, the same notes that will enchant and delight guests.

The backdrop of the most recent Galanthea Ball, the Harvest Moon Gala, was the luxury Villa Principe Leopoldo hotel in Lugano. Fabrizio Lello, Creative Director and Managing Partner at Galanthea, explains the concept of the event: “the ball was a celebration of the colours and enchantment of autumn held in a venue that often hosts the most elite events in the Ticino calendar. We wanted to recreate the warm atmosphere of woodland illuminated by moonlight, and so we asked a group of talented artists to represent the magical creatures that bring the wood to life at night.” Performances by dancer at Teatro San Carlo in Naples Roberta Siciliano, soprano Ariadne, tenor Carmelo Sorce and the soul-funk duo Double Soul, accompanied by beautifully surreal projections, added a touch of magic to the evening.

The dreamy atmosphere was further enhanced with a runway show by top fashion brand Eleonora Lastrucci ( Seemingly strutting to the beat of the music, statuesque models from Petra Peter ( wore her creations amid a flurry of leaves, digital thankfully, so as not to ruin the elegant hairstyles created by hair stylist Riccardo Tesse. A number of prestigious companies were present at the event, including Lauro & Partners, Lauro & Giavatto, Chiancianesi & Longoni, International Trading Company, Kessel Auto, Nunzio La Vecchia Watches, Corte Italiana and Cossetti Wine. They all received a special thanks from patroness of the gala, actor and presenter Jessica Polsky.

Fashion show by Eleonora Lastrucci

Live music offered by Double Soul, with scenic projections


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