Instagram Supports Fashion with a Guide to Virtual Fashion Shows


The fashion world is facing an unprecedented moment due to the coronovirus emergency and social distance. It is therefore necessary to identify new operating methods and different business models, in order to set up a digital walkway that lives up to expectations.

To accompany the companies of the sector in this unexplored path, Instagram has created a detailed guide that was presented yesterday during the ‘Ideas for digital fashion week’ webinar, organized by the Facebook group platform with the participation of Eva Chen, head of fashion partnerships. Instagram, and in collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion (Cnmi).

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In February, in response to the absence of our Chinese partners from Milan due to the pandemic, we organized ‘China, we are with you’, which represented the first digital fashion week in the world. The success was extraordinary and starting from this initiative we thought about how to totally digitize the fashion week, which has become our next challenge

explained the president of CNMI Carlo Capasa, introducing the meeting online.

The decision to launch the first ‘Milan digital fashion week’ in July is a concrete response to the need for brands to promote themselves and do business. We are thrilled because it will be something completely new that has never happened before

Carlo Capasa

The guide is divided into two sections dedicated respectively to the show and the shopping experience. It starts with the countdown stickers, to increase engagement and arouse expectation, up to sharing the experience in real time on IGTV, which helps to recreate a sense of proximity.

Do not neglect the palatability of the backstage, allowing followers to peek behind the scenes, see interviews with hair stylists and make up artists and ask questions about the collection through the Q&A function.

As for shopping, the suggestions concern updating the product catalog before the show, creating posts with products that can be purchased before and after the fashion week, inserting purchase tags in the stories and promoting the event with exclusive drops and limited time offers.

In addition, the company has announced the introduction of new features, including advertising on IGTV, digital badges that followers can buy through Instagram Live, Live Shopping which allows creators and brands to tag products during their videos and a expansion of Brand Collabs Manager, which helps creators find potential brand partners.

Starting next week, the advertisements will make their debut on IGTV and for the first time ever, the platform will share the revenues with its content creators, to whom 55% of what the advertiser has invested will be allocated. If during the first experimental phase only 200 and all English-speaking creators will be able to monetize their contents, as reported by The Verge, it is reasonable to imagine that the new possibility will be subsequently extended.

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