Villa Principe Leopoldo welcomes Charity Collection to support the NGO “Humacoo”

On Friday, March 22, the enchanting Villa Principe Leopoldo hotel in Lugano will welcome the first edition of Charity Collection, a fundraising event aimed at supporting projects carried out by NGO Humacoo Foundation.

Charity Collection to support the NGO “Humacoo"
Charity Collection to support the NGO “Humacoo”

Founded in the spirit of promoting whole-person development, this Catholic-based charity is particularly active in projects for the protection of children, women and the infirm.

Humacoo Charity Collection Lugano contributes to the project the Foundation has in place at Hungua Primary School in Opuwo, Namibia.

The event is organized in collaboration with SEAS (Societé de l’Eau Aérienne Suisse), a company focusing on building systems and equipment for the production of drinkable water. With the help of all participants in Charity Collection, SEAS will be able to provide the school with an innovative water production system extracting humidity from air.

Charity Collection to support the NGO “Humacoo"
Charity Collection to support the NGO “Humacoo”

Charity Collection to support the NGO “Humacoo"
Charity Collection to support the NGO “Humacoo”

The Hungua Primary School project will grant people access to a reliable source of drinkable water, thus improving life quality in Opuwo.

Humacoo Charity Collection Lugano partners with a panel of contributors who strongly believe in cooperating to develop humanitarian aid initiatives.

High fashion is joining this noble cause courtesy of Egon Vos Furtnenberg’s fashion house, one of the most prestigious names of international fashion, whose archive collection will be exclusively showcased for the charity’s guests.

Key players in international business and finance will also get involved, and join forces to achieve this crucial common goal.

Charity Collection to support the NGO “Humacoo"
Charity Collection to support the NGO “Humacoo”

With showgirl Melita Toniolo as ambassador and chef Dario Ranza plating up his best delicacies, pure magic awaits guests at Villa Principe Leopoldo, for a night they will remember.

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