Excellence Magazine International Gala Dinner Venice 2022

Stories of Venetian excellence deeply linked to the city, were told in the historic hall of the Baglioni Hotel Luna.

In fact, the 18th edition of the Excellence Magazine presentation event took place,
platform created to promote the internationalization of Italian companies and promote Made in Italy.

Giornalista Rai V.Abate , A. Lo Mastro Excellence Magazine, L’Ambasciatore dell’Uruguay in Italia Riccardo Varella

Also this year, entrepreneurs, diplomats, public administrators and other personalities who have distinguished themselves in their field met for a gala evening.

Abate Giornalista RAI, Anita Lo Mastro Excellence Magazine, il Console Generale del Perù in Italia A. Salamanca

Anita Lo Mastro, creator of the event format and senior advisor for the internationalization of Made in Italy companies, together with the RAI journalist, Vittoriana Abate awarded: the Ambassador of Uruguay in Venice Ricardo Varela, the Consul General of the Peru, Augusto Salamanca, the Quaestor of Venice Maurizio Masciopinto, Professor Giuseppe Mongiello, accountant partner of the Tonucci & Partners firm and the Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Venice, Simone Venturini who stated:

we are working to raise the quality of the events held in Venice more and more with prestigious proposals that have given rise to collaborations with the great fashion houses. We work on our strengths, starting with cinema and contemporary art with the “Biennale”

Giornalista Rai V.Abate – Anita Lo Mastro – Questore di Venezia Masciopinto

Among the symbolic realities of Venice present at the event, the illustrious Antonia Sautter, who showed her models on the parade with dream dresses she created. On this occasion, Antonia Sautter was awarded the Excellence award.

Abate Giornalista RAI, Anita Lo Mastro Excellence Magazine, la stilista Antonia Sautter

The hosts were dressed by Paola D’onofrio’s atelier and the jewels worn were made available by the jewelry house Zarina.

The evening ended with the toast of the “Bubbles” created specifically for Excellence
from the Girardi Cellars of Valdobbiadene.

The event was organized with the High Patronage of ENAV (National Body for Flight Assistance), for which the President was present, Avv. Francesca Isgrò, with the high patronage of the State Property of the City of Venice, with the Consulate of Uruguay in Venice, with the Consular Group of Latin America and the Caribbean, the AVA Venetian association of hoteliers and in synergy with the association St. Mark’s Square.


Presidente di ENAV Isgrò, Anita Lo Mastro Excellence Magazine, la stilista Antonia Sautter

Abate Giornalista RAI e
Anita Lo Mastro senior Advisor per l’internazionalizzazione e la promozione del Made in Italy Excellence Magazine

Presidente ENAV F. Isgrò – Giornalista Rai V.Abate – Anita Lo Mastro

Anita Lo Mastro senior Advisor per l’internazionalizzazione e la promozione del Made in italy per Excellence Magazine e la presidente di ENAV Francesca Isgro’

Giornalista Rai V.Abate -Anita Lo Mastro – Professor G. Mongello di Tonucci and Partners

Presidente ENAV Avv. Isgrò – Giornalista Rai V. Abate – Anita Lo Mastro – Assessore Venturini

Presidente di ENAV Isgrò , G. Giornalista Rai Abate, Anita Lo Mastro Excellence Magazine


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