Fashion takes action for Australia

Several awareness and fundraising campaigns have been launched to help Australia, facing lost lives, millions of acres gone up in smoke and – according to WWF – over one billion perished animals due to the devastating bushfires that have been ravaging the country.

Amid the destruction, many actions have been taken to help all associations and organizations working to save as much as they can.
In addition to countless donations from all over the world, top fashion brands have come up with remarkable ideas to support the fire fight.

Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Brioni and other luxury giants from the Kering Group have collected and donated $ 687,515 USD to various organizations, and promised to take part in future reforestation projects.

Other brands have turned to creativity and opted to design pieces whose profits will be donated to the cause.

Balenciaga Australia Bushfire Disaster Koala Hoodie & T-shirt

The luxury brand has created two separates items starring the Australian koala.
Both the hoodie and the T-shirt feature an image of the animal on a total-white background.

fashion for australia excellence magazine
The whole sale proceeds will be donated to a local conservation organization selected by the Kering Group and Balenciaga sustainability experts.

The Australia Bushfire Disaster unisex hoodies and T-shirt will be available for purchase on Balenciaga’s website only from January 13.

NOAH’s Australia Benefit long-sleeve tee

Having always stood out for its strong environmental commitment, NOAH has joined the caused with a special tee.
Available in both black and yellow, the T-shirt features a smiling koala in red shorts and a white tee supporting the writing “Australia”.

fashion for australia excellence magazine
The whole sale profits will be given to WIRES, the largest Australian wildlife rescue organization.

fashion for australia excellence magazine

The Australia Benefit long-sleeve T-shirt by NOAH is now available online.

Rowing Blazers Australian Rugby League Authentic Heavyweight Rugby

American brand Rowing Blazers has launched four rugby tops inspired by the Ivy League and authentic Australian motifs: the Australian Rugby League Heavyweight Rugby, the Australia 1905 Authentic Heavyweight Rugby, the Australia 1961 Authentic Heavyweight Rugby and the Australia 1908 Authentic Heavyweight Rugby.

fashion for australia excellence magazine
Once again, 100% of the proceeds will go to WIRES.

fashion for australia excellence magazine fashion for australia excellence magazine

All four pieces are available on the Rowing Blazers website for $ 195.00.

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