Gli Ascoltabili: to watch is not always to see

Gli Ascoltabili (The Audibles) is a project based on the idea of listening while freeing our eyes from the slavery of screens. Although apparently ambitious, the project is actually simple and straight: it is about using the same technology we blame for isolating us in abstract, virtual universes to raise awareness, reconnect with reality, learn and have fun all along.

Gli Ascoltabili is a free platform featuring original podcasts recorded by a team led by radio author and producer Giacomo Zito alongside cinema and new media expert Simone Spoladori. Zito also conceived and directed Destini Incrociati (Intertwined Fates), one of Italy’s most popular storytelling radio programs of the last few years, winner of the Flaiano International Award as best cultural program, with Spoladori among its leading authors.

Destini Incrociati
Destini Incrociati

To watch is not always to see

Due to the countless images and videos we watch everyday online without actually “seeing”, there is a growing need for valuable contents, and for personal space and time to relax. Podcasts are the ideal solution to the bustle and hustle of cities  ̶ they can be streamed in the car, on the train or underground, while cooking or napping on a Sunday afternoon. With over 67 million users in the Unites States, podcasts are now on their way to become the future of the radio. They are growing more and more popular in Italy too: as the magazine Prima Comunicazione reported in November 2018, Italy ranks 5thin the world for the use of podcasts, and the number of listeners (14%) is increasing by the day.

If you listen, you can dream

Through Gli Ascoltabili, Giacomo Zito and Simone Spoladori have overcome the barriers of language and narrative to create original audio features by experimenting with music and audio effects. As a result, Gli Ascoltabili allow listeners to imagine every single detail of the stories they hear. These simple ideas were the basis for experts in the field to conceive and create narrative, entertaining and cultural series, voiced by some of the most praised Italian actors and dubbers.

Podcasts from Gli Ascoltabili can be streamed from desktop and mobile browsers, and downloaded via the main audio platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud, Spreaker, and for free from

A choice for every taste

Gli Ascoltabili offers innovative, original podcasts where users can personally choose and customize contents to only select what they’re interested in seeing – or listening to, when and how they prefer to. There is a wide range to choose from: Destini Incrociati reveals what happens when the unexpected meeting of two people changes the lives and destinies of both.

Vinyl Nights invites music lovers to dive into the grooves of the vinyl records that made history and find memorable anecdotes, while Sostenibilità for Beginners (Sustainability For Beginners) leads listeners through contemporary issues such as the circular economy, the climate change and sustainable tourism.

Demoni Urbani (Urban Demons) explores the hidden side of cities, and their dark heart of criminal stories leaving a mark on collective imagination. For all fans of the big screen, I Magnifici Sette (The Magnificent Seven) contains reviews to the latest movies, talks with prestigious guests, live programs from festivals and unreleased contents for a powerful journey through the history of cinema.

La mia storia Gli Ascoltabili
La mia storia Gli Ascoltabili

La mia storia (My Story) gives an original perspective on life by telling the extraordinary stories of ordinary humans who found themselves caught up in great events, and made the difference.

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