True Tales of Luxury, the first podcast of Harrods

Harrods debuts with his first podcast, a series of 6 episodes called “Harrods: True Tales of Luxury” and conducted by journalist Mariella Frostrup.

In the episodes, different personalities were invited to discuss their idea of ​​luxury, including the artist David Batchelor, the chef Jackson Boxer, the beauty industry veteran Terry De Gunzburg and designers like Roksanda Ilincic, Stephen Webster and Amanda Wakele.

The luxury

has never been a collection of objects. It is a personal, experiential and unique fact. The story of Harrods is already known and we think we are suitable to tell what luxury means in 2019. For this we have invited to tell some of the most creative living personalities, people who inspire us every day

commented the department store marketing manager, Amanda Hill

The choice of Harrods is in line with his desire to attract new consumers thanks to a quality editorial offer. The department store is just the latest in fashion and luxury players to launch podcasts: before him, Saks and Barneys had already launched their ‘audio stories’; among the high-end labels, on the other hand, are those of Chanel and Gucci.

Our editorial staff includes people with different professional backgrounds who share a passion for writing and who want to create and develop a dialogue with their readers and with the world.

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