Hotellerie: the new luxury is sustainability

Hotellerie: the new luxury is sustainability, it is an event organized by our Magazine within Hotel Regeneration – the largest and most engaging exhibition/agora dedicated to design – which returns to being, in 2021, the beating heart of Lambrate.

The Fuorisalone in the Ventura district of Milan wants to give a signal to restart the design fair world with the 2021 edition on stage from 5 to 10 September and which will ferry the entire district towards the 2022 edition.

A blend of high-profile experimental installations with a rich cultural program of thematic conferences and conventions.

Hybridization, contamination, alteration are the key words that guide the content and formal happening signed by the architect Simone Micheli for Fuorisalone 2021, giving life to a space dedicated to hospitality where functions are contaminated and environments merge osmotically, thanks to an intelligent use of technology and materials connected to the world of innovation.

There will be eight different installations dedicated to prestigious international hotel chains and each will be aimed at a person of excellence from the world of entertainment, music, journalism, criticism, sport, cuisine, fashion: Taste Lounge Bar & Restaurant, Physical Spa, Comedy Room, Opinion Room, Rewind Room, Lyric Hall, Cellar Room and Reality Room.

The exhibition will be completed by the spaces dedicated to meetings, business and information: the Conference Area, the Info Point to welcome guests and the Re-working area, where entrepreneurs and professionals will build winning relationships, meaningful for the future. business development.

In this scenario, Excellence Magazine Luxury organizes an event entitled:

Hotellerie: the new luxury is sustainability

a meeting attended by important exponents of the international hotel industry who will bring their experience to the Hotel Regeneration arena and transfer the needs and requirements of the sector that is facing a significant change to adapt services and hospitality to new customer expectations.

The speakers will alternate in a short talk that will address topics such as:


Energy efficiency

New paradigms of the hotel offer

The new furnishing needs


Exceptional speakers will bring their point of view to the Conference Arena, among these we find:

Giuseppe Roscioli – Vice President of Federalberghi and President of Federalberghi Rome

Guido Polito – Chief Executive Officer of the Baglioni Hotels & Resorts Group

Roberto Imperatrice – CEO of Nabucco Holding e Fedegroup

Eugenio Preatoni – President of Domina Group
Dr. Claudio Scarpa General Manager Associazione Veneziana Albergatori
Avv. Francesca Isgro’ – President of ENAV

Sen. Raffaele Lauro – Secretary General of UNIMPRESA

A container in which supply and demand meet and tell the face of tomorrow’s hospitality.

Luigi Lauro
The Editor in Chief

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