Hydrofoil eBike has been presented at Genoa Boat Show

World’s first Hydrofoil eBike is now available in Italy and Switzerland. Designed and produced in New Zeland by the pioneering company Manta5, the Hydroifoiler has been presented at Genoa Boat Show.

Italian start-up Aquaride is the exclusive distributor in Italy and Switzerland.

The Manta5 Hydrofoil eBike is half-bike, half-plane and replicates the intuitive cycling experience on water using carbon fiber foils (the wings) and a fully waterproof eBike battery and motor.

Hydrofoil Bike

After 8 years of development and experiencing viral coverage of the prototype in 2017, the bike is now launching at the Genoa Boat Show (Booth LX50 at Sailing World Hall) and is now available in Italy and Switzerland through the exclusive distributor Aquaride.

Hydrofoil Bike

The New Zealand-based company sold out the initial pilot production run in six months, after a short​ video of the hydrofoil prototype went viral, amassing more than 350 million views on Facebook.

The Hydrofoiler redefines cycling and watersports by enabling riders to launch and plane through open bodies of water – from ocean shorelines to lakes and rivers. Cyclists can reach speeds of up to 22kph, comparable to traditional sailboats. The bikes are made from strong carbon fibre and aircraft-grade aluminium, making them buoyant and light enough to carry.

I am more than happy that Aquaride is a protagonist of this brand new adventure that will definitely transform the world of water sports by generating a new synergy between earth and sea

said Aquaride CEO Danilo Frattini

As soon as I discovered Manta5 in 2017 it was love at first sight. Manta5 vision, the eco-friendly innovation and the unique design of the bike really impressed me. But above all I was struck by the opportunity to create a brand new sport and sport community

Highly manoeuvrable, the Hydrofoiler provides a workout similar to that of a road or mountain bike, and the 460-watt electric motor offers seven levels of variable pedal assist that can be dialled down or up depending on rider preference.

Hydrofoil Bike

Riders can get 6.5 hours of total riding of a single charge. Fall off in deep water? The bike can start hydroplaning in open water from a full stop within 15 pedal strokes.

Hydrofoil Bike

The bike has had great pilot production reception in New Zealand where riders are carving over ocean chop, training against river currents, or escaping to a lake where there’s no traffic or roads in sight. For Manta5, this latest European expansion continues its vision to grow in popularity then move from leisure to competitive sport.

Hydrofoil Bike

Italy and Switzerland are an ideal location to foil and is known as a progressive outdoor sports market. We’re thrilled to offer even more riders the chance to master cycling at its most innovative – a surreal and uninterrupted experience on the water

said Manta5 CEO Mark Robotham

In three years time, Manta5 sees Hydrofoiling as its own sport and fitness category. Manta5 Founder, Guy Howard-Willis already has his sights on the Olympics.

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