Italy vs Brazil: the melting pot Carnival of Rome Cavalieri

Festive and colorful par excellence, here is the most entertaining appointment of the year: Carnival.

Rome Cavalieri, an authentic resort in the heart of Rome, immersed in a Mediterranean park and place of one of the richest private art collections in Europe, has prepared some special events to celebrate it in joy, with its inimitable international style.

The 5-star luxury hotel is, in fact, organizing the celebrations in a big way, mixing the traditional Italian taste with the famous and phantasmagorical carnival celebrations of Rio de Janeiro.

According to Rome Cavalieri costum, on Sunday, 3 March, the appointment is with the famous Sunday Brunch, who will wear his colorful Carnival costume, proposing a gourmet journey with a typically Italian taste. The Executive Chef Fabio Boschero with the Uliveto team, will propose a gastronomic itinerary, which will enhance the celebrations that precede Lent, celebrating it with a brunch dedicated to the Italian carnival tradition, with a particular reference to the customs of each city.

And here the live stations will offer “Bigoli in salsa busera di crostacei”, “Fegato alla veneziana e crostoni”, inspired by the Venetian culinary culture, but also a very careful selection of artisan cheeses, sausage from Lazio, dishes that take their names from the famous masks of the Italian Carnival – Insalata cobe “alla Pantalone” or Insalata Russa“ Arlecchino” – a selection of “pinse”, the famous “detox corner” for the most “virtuous” or, again, the selection of raw fish and  the day’s catch.

It is worth mentioning the sweetest corner of the buffet, by the Executive Pastry Chef Dario Nuti, which will amaze guests with a selection of typical Italian carnival sweets, such as Frappe, Castagnole, Zeppole di San Giuseppe and Migliaccio, with some references to that of Tuscany (the Pastry Chef does not betray its origins) like Schiacciata and Frittelle di Riso.

For a crackling “grand final”, here is an original Mardi Gras: Rome Cavalieri has been inspired by the colors of Brazilian carnival, to organize a theme mixology session. Boschero chef, who has many years of his profession in Brazil, will hold a fun masterclass to explain and present the different types of Caipirinha, according to Carioca tradition.

A unique opportunity to discover the secrets of the perfect cocktail, with the musical accompaniment of a live Dj set in perfect “Brazilian Style”.

Corollary of the cocktail will be the most famous “petiscos” of Brazil: Pastel De Carne E Queijo – the famous fried batter served with meat and cheese – Pao De Queijo Com Lagosta – typical Brazilian dish made with cassava starch, eggs, salt, milk, vegetable oil and cow’s cheeses – Bolinho De Bacalhau, Espeto De Picanha, to conclude with the typical sweet, the Brigadeiro Doce, prepared with condensed milk, chocolate and butter, which can’t be missed in a traditional carioca meal, and the Quindim, based on eggs and coconut.

To create an even more amusing atmosphere, could the colors, that parade through Rio de Janeiro with the famous allegorical floats, be missing? Oreste Fiori will take care of it, re-creating the festive and hilarious mood of the city of the carnival, thanks to the decorations that will fill the Tiepolo Lounge with festoons and theme masks.

Two unmissable appointments to spend with friends and family in the wonderful setting of Rome Cavalieri, among laughs, colors, masks and good food, to rediscover our traditions or to “travel far” thanks to the flavors of Brazil.


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