Pinko: the New Reimagine Collection is All About Sustainability

After years of constant growth and improved market positioning in haute couture, the fashion brand from Fidenza, Italy, has decided to go green by debuting a collaboration with Patrick McDowell.

The young English designer has made himself known in the world of high fashion not just for his creativity, but mostly for his sustainable approach to fashion.

The collaboration has resulted in Reimagine, a capsule collection mainly focusing on recycling and reusing unused Pinko items from previous collections.

pinko patrick mcdowell PINKO REIMAGINE

Pullovers, blazers and patchwork pants, as well as the now iconic Pink bag, are revamped and redesigned with recycling and sustainability in mind, fully in line with the emerging designer’s creative style.

Patrick McDowell is known and appreciated worldwide for his ability to rethink and repurpose unused pieces from past lines, turning them to new luxury creations.

By reusing clothes from previous ranges, Pinko’s Reimagine wishes to send a clear message about respecting the environment and strategically reducing waste. The resulting virtuous circle is called upcycling, which consists in reusing unused objects or clothes to give them a new life.

pinko patrick mcdowell PINKO REIMAGINE

This sustainable collaboration has had a remarkable result: an extensive, innovative, fresh collection of novelty pieces created by reusing over 1,000 meters of fabric from Pinko’s past collections.

The project is the first step in the fashion house’s new sustainable direction: growing aware of all the possible strategies to improve and cut down emissions and waste at all production stages, including design, is what can lead to tangible actions for improvements not just in high fashion, but also and mostly for our planet.

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