Princess of Monaco Cup at the Yacht Club de Monaco


The “Princess of Monaco Cup” golf tournament will be sponsored by Monaco Asset Management and held in support of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and Fight Aids Monaco.

On Wednesday, September 15th at 6:30pm, the draw of the teams was held at the Yacht Club de Monaco.
Mr. Eddie Jordan Master of Ceremony, accompanied by Mrs. Victoria Silvstedt, first presented the tournament and the various projects supported by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and Fight Aids Monaco, in the presence of celebrities and guests.

Sports celebrities from different disciplines participate in the Princess of Monaco Cup. Each team is composed of 3 players – with an initial duo completed by 1 celebrity. At the Monte-Carlo Golf Club on the morning of Thursday, September 16, the teams will compete following the rules of the “Scramble” format.

The draw resulted in the following teams:

Serenity – Russell Martin (Baseball)

Monaco Asset Management – Victoria Lovelady (Golf)

AS Monaco FC – Alexandre Bilodeau (Ski – Ambassador of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation)

Fight Aids Monaco – José Cobos (Football)

Seneca Partners – Francesco Castellacci (GT Racing)

Pim’s – Richard Dunne (Football)

Albatros – Nicolas Colsaerts (Golf)

Monaco Asset Management 2 – Ilija Djurdjevic (Golf)

BAC Monaco – Sophie Sandolo (Golf)

Caroline Olds – David Tanner (Cycling)

The Cedars – Marlène Harnois (Taekwondo)

Optima – Dan Luger (Rugby)

Metabolic Balance – Dakota Schuetz (Freestyle scooter)

Design Centre – Frederik Paulsen (Ferrari Challenge Racing)

Fondation Princesse Charlène de Monaco – Antti Vierula (Formula 1)

Saudi Crown for Kate Powers – Khaby Lame (Content Creation)

Balkin Estates – Mutaz Essa Barshim (Athletics)

This year, the Princess of Monaco Cup will help fund the following projects supported by each entity:

Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

–  The “Aqwa Itineris” project, a portable swimming pool in a trailer, meant to make swimming lessons accessible to all: the perfect solution for remote areas and communities without swimming lessons.
Mr. Olivier TAUTY, President Co-Founder of Aqwa Itineris, was present Wednesday evening at the Yacht Club de Monaco to present his company and the project, and show the guests miniature models of the portable pool.

–  The Project BHASA in Bangladesh, where the Foundation has been present for many years in close partnership with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, teaching children how to swim and funding the training of local lifeguards and rescuers.

Fight Aids Monaco

–  The “Maison de Vie” in Carpentras, France, opened in 2004 as a place of respite and healing. It is a dynamic home for people weakened by HIV – a generator of well-being and restored health. Today, more than 1300 residents are welcomed there.

–  The Etafeni Day Care Center Trust in South Africa, a comprehensive social centre for AIDS-affected children in Nyanga Slum, Cape Town. For residents facing poverty, severe unemployment, violence and alarming rates of HIV/AIDS, the centre is a place of hope and inspiration, providing an excellent opportunity for skill-building and empowerment.

In addition to the main event, a unique experience will be presented on the same day: a 19th golf hole at the Place du Casino de Monte-Carlo, with the chance to swing away in front of one of the world’s most emblematic buildings.

Having one shot, contestants will test their skills and precision hoping to win prestigious prizes. Starting at 7 pm, the Place du Casino will be restructured to host a temporary golf course. This exceptional and exclusive opportunity will be reserved to the tournament’s participants.

photo credit Eric Mathon/Palais princier

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