Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan presents the Herrera Tango Academy

In collaboration with Teatro Franco Parenti and under the patronage of the Consulate General of Argentina, the Herrera Tango Academy presents an exceptional event: the milonga.

On November 20 at 10pm, the foyer of Teatro Parenti will be the stage of an Argentinean milonga show.

Guests will dance to dramatic, passionate tango music by Dj Punto y Branca, but most importantly, they will have a chance to admire the 2019 unique, long-awaited exhibition in Milan by the “poet of tango”: Roberto Herrera.

Herrera Legazcue Parenti 2019

Recognized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage, Argentine Tango is undoubtedly the widest cultural phenomenon that Latin America has exported all over the world.

Tango is said to be a music that can be breathed, a music in the shape of a woman’s hips and scent.

A primordial, yet civilized music that warms blood up, and astounds people.

Tango was born at the end of the 20th century within an immigration wave that saw millions of Europeans, especially Italians, pour out to Argentine cities, where many gauchos also settled after abandoning their traditional nomad life to try their luck in urban areas.

Roberto Herrera

Tango was thus shaped by the encounter of different cultures and peoples. In time, though, it has freed from its origins to be definitely legitimized as a dance of universal value, as well as a way of life, a way to experience existence.

Some of the most prestigious names in the history of tango are Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos Gardel and, more recently, Astor Piazzolla, who modernized tango, and elevated it with the characteristic atmospheres of classical music and jazz.

Fascinating to watch and thrilling to study, the world of tango can only be experienced for real by dancing milonga.

A journey through tango cannot but touch on milonga, since here is where emotions materialize, where “tango is lived”, and living the energy of milonga – the so-called buena onda – is the only way to grasp the true essence of this dance.

No need to be tango dancers to live milonga, as tango is not just a sequence of steps, but a whole universe of gazes, intentions, choices, rituals, waits, encounters, hugs, music, conversations, characters, tastes, lights and stories.

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