The New Winning Formula for the Holidays? It’s Glamping


What does the word “camping” bring to your mind? Uncomfortable tents, shared toilets, no comforts, all hustle and bustle?

Fair enough. Now try reset your mind, and imagine enjoying the amazing opportunity to be in the nature with no compromises on luxury holidays. This is the magic formula of glamping – luxury camping.

The term is a mix of the words “glamour” and “camping”: no tents needed, but splendid, special accommodation solutions that immerse guests into the local nature, pampering them with all comforts.


Glamping has quickly grown more and more popular, becoming a real trend; the past year boosted glamping holidays as they definitely guarantee total safety, with solutions offering unparalleled privacy.

Mobile homes come in various shapes, from barrel-shaped pods in the Aosta Valley to sustainably-sourced wooden cabins in Slovenia and those in gypsy style in Southern France.


The latest innovation in glamping, which turned it into an irresistible experience, are “bubbles”: real transparent homes where to fall asleep wrapped up in a starred mantle, and wake up at the first light of dawn. An immersive, emotional experience to make unforgettable memories.

Like all glamping mobile homes, bubbles are safe, luxurious and respect the environment, integrating it with sustainable solutions: many are equipped with private composting toilets, do not use energy and are lit by dynamo lanterns.

Two different tourist profiles are opting for this holiday solution: those who love classic camping, but are looking to try out new experiences adding comfort; and those who privilege classic luxury holidays, but would like to enjoy a more immersive experience with nature too.

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